Leverage the power of accumulated data to your advantage, with Big Data initiatives

The torrent of data flooding into every sector and function due to the emerging digital technologies has marked the need for data management. Administering huge volume of data on a daily basis and harnessing it for business value is the latest challenge faced by organizations. Analyzing this data opens a world of opportunities to find new and valuable insights. However, gathering insights requires effective collection, assimilation, validation and gleaning techniques.
Infognana empowers organizations to conceptualize big data program across multiple domains, to achieve revenue maximization and increased operational efficiency. Our solutions go beyond technology changes and include analytical processes, procedures and workflows aimed at generating the right insights that provide real time business value. With proven expertise we bring order to your Big Data and help implement technologies required to manage and understand your un-organized data. Entrust your Big Data challenges and we will provide the strategic guidance to predict customer demand and make better business decisions.


Simplify your Big Data journey with our Services

Big Data Consulting

A commitment to your data and you!

The scope of big data in the IT topography where the data growth is interminable goes beyond imagination. A service with a right understanding of its skill set and commitment is a dire requirement in this field. Adding value for investment is an important aspect to be considered in big data consulting.
Our services direct from evaluation to strategic business planning to execution, with a differentiated value. A thorough self-assessment of our knowledge on big data has been accomplished to self-understanding ourselves on where we stand in the territory that spells potential competition. A vetted set of professional with in-depth knowledge in the field will guide you through the optimal solutions for improved ROI, and steer you away from solutions that are not beneficial anymore and prove to be an unwanted expense.

Business Intelligence

A guide to help you decide!

Business Intelligence is a technological tool for analyzing data and providing well-defined information to help make fast and informed decisions. Business intelligence is where both internal and external data is captured for better strategic and operational planning of an organization.
In any business the disoriented data formats, and poor quality can pose a serious challenge in the effective utilization of the available information. We step in to the scenario to orient the data and uncover the opportunities concealed beneath the unused data. Our services will provide a clear roadmap to master the data management in decision making to ensure a definite ROI.

Big Data Analytics

An advanced investigation with reduced complexity!

The technical teams of many organizations like to take control over data, but without the knowledge of what data they possess and how to use it to their advantage. In such scenarios solution providers play their part in analyzing overall data to provide a forecast on improving the business performance and predict bottlenecks to warn on areas that require further concentration to avoid serious issues.
At infognana we help you through a smart way of discovering your data and explore numerous possibilities that will give you a competitive edge in the thriving environment. A predictive analysis is done to foresee the opportunities and setbacks, which prescribes valuable insights on improving operational efficiency, improving resource allocation, and also for better revenue opportunities.


Pictured story of your data!

Visualization is transforming your data into a synoptic dashboard of graphical and pictorial representation, which visually provides patterns on how data is processed and helps for a better understanding of concepts to guide you with appropriate decisions.
At infognana we provide a better way to create and improve data visualizations of any data source by connecting related data points between the data sources to form a complete and meaningful picture of your business. The graphical representation will provide a clear and cohesive picture of large amounts of data to critically analyze the information and understand the bottom line that will have a positive influence on your business.