Marketing via social media has a better reach among the digitally active consumers where the interaction between the company and the consumer gets more personal. The social media marketing acts as a discovery platform for the company where it can gather the needs and wants directly from the consumer themselves. Any customer reviewing about the company becomes a marketing promoter, where his reviews are considered by other viewers.
Infognana has developed various strategies to guide you in understanding your audience, and to promote your brands success in the social media, and all this combined will contribute to the increase in consumption.

  • Compete Competitors Ads and run innovative Ads
  • Increase Twitter Followers
  • Reply to Direct Messages
  • Forward Important Messages
  • Follow Potential Customers
  • Doing Hash tags for Keywords & Topics to stimulate tweets
  • Monitor & Reply to Brand Mentions
  • Facebook Business Page Creation
  • Increase Page Likes/Post Likes
  • Designing Landing Pages
  • Designing Cover Images
  • Promotional Posts
  • Respond to Fans