With online retailing, product assortment intelligence and competitive data analysis are vital to identify where your products stack up against the competition. Apart from finding out what you have in common with your competitor, it is important to know what they have that you don’t, and vice versa. This will definitely help you stay way ahead of the competition and identify opportunities by monitoring your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
At Infognana, we offer up to date, qualitative review of competitors’ product assortment, pricing, policies and marketing techniques through custom-automated approach. We help enhance product assortment by tracking products that sell well both on a regular basis and on special occasions (holidays) and plan extensively on these products. This helps improve your bottom line and stay far ahead of the competition.

Pricing Insights

Customers are known to always look for best prices and are comfortable with the most competitive pricing. Our expert pricing analysts closely monitor changing trends and recommend the best pricing strategy.

Product Assortment

There are constant changes in consumer shopping trends, and in order to keep pace, retailers need to know which product to retain or drop. Our product experts track and analyze consumer demand signals to derive the product assortment that best fits the current trend.

Content Insights

Shoppers depend on guiding content that contains detailed information for quick completion of a sale. We offer detailed analysis and provide enriched content that helps improve conversion.