Retailers need to offer a multi-channel experience and constantly work to refine product data in order to catch up with the overwhelming online marketplace. It is also very important to enhance content by making the product description perfectly keyword-optimized. Infognana helps streamline product data by refreshing and improving it on a regular basis. Content needs to be up to date as it has to be compatible with the latest marketing initiatives. Through this, we guarantee organized, comprehensive and easy to discover product data. We also keep tabs on retailer and third-party analytics to constantly keep improving the content.
Infognana’s superior solutions empower shoppers in making an educated and well informed purchase of the right products they have been looking for all along. This translates into incredibly improved ecommerce performance for our clients who can reap increased profits.

Thus our Content Services can help retailers:
  • Acquire product data for database population through product counter intelligence
  • Categorize and classify products based on logical taxonomy
  • Develop searchable attributes for products based on keyword search
  • Product Catalog development that enhances navigation, user experience and conversion rates
  • Acquire and enhance images and videos for multipurpose presentation
  • Create enriched content for better product visibility
  • Normalize and cleanse database by de-duplication for better user experience

Services include

  • Ecommerce catalog management
  • Product categorization
  • Product Title-Creation
  • Content enrichment
  • Attribute & Facet Development
  • Product spec sheet creation/updating
  • Image sourcing and processing
  • Product Video Sourcing
  • Video Demo Transcription
  • De-duplication of products