EBook Conversion

We can convert any of your written materials into ebooks. All you need to do is, give us your manuscript as a Word Doc, PDF, or InDesign file and we produce eBook files for your review within a stipulated time. If you have hard copies, just scan them over and we can convert them to ebooks as well.

Fixed Layout EBooks

We offer fixed layout eBook format for high complexity books like recipe books, academic textbooks, children’s books etc. Unlike standard eBook files, fixed layout eBooks can keep the same page layout and design as their print book counterparts, and can sometimes contain enhancements that make them more interesting and interactive. Fixed layout eBooks are not PDFs, and are not created from flat images. They are fully-functional HTML-based eBook files. The difference is that the styles and layouts used in these files are not reflowable like standard eBook files.

HTML5 and ePub3 EBooks

People prefer interactive ebooks with rich media contents to enrich their reading experience. Infognana offers reflowable ePUB3 files with DRM security. This helps create a wonderful reading experience for users and also help you, the publishers, protect the content from piracy. The latest web standard HTML5 is rapidly emerging as the de facto standard for content delivery with native support for searchable, interactive multimedia content. HTML5 provides a friendly user interface and is easy to navigate for both user and machine.

Interactive & Enhanced eBooks

Want to increase your ebook sales? Here’s a little secret…

Although ebooks are becoming popular, most eBooks are simply digital equivalents of the hardcopy publication. To increase readers’ engagement, publishers are constantly devising new solutions and approaches to improve the reading experience.

At Infognana we have a deep understanding of the publishing industry and reading communities. We help various authors and publishers to transform their traditional books and eBooks into enhanced eBooks by embedding rich media content such as video and audio, interactivity, annotations, cross references, footnotes, links to websites and social media sites. These enhanced eBooks are created using the latest standards and technologies, such as ePUB3, HTML5, CSS3 and native frameworks of iOS and Android.

We provide enhanced ebook services for the following and more:
  • Multimedia-rich eBooks
  • Animated books
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Children’s books/Story books
  • Multi-lingual eBooks and
  • Edutainment books

Read Aloud/Audio Books

No time to sit down and read? Well, read on the go!

Audio books are a fast growing segment in the entire book publishing industry. People purchase audio books on CD or as downloadable books and save on their computers and handhelds. Audio books are easily accessible and can be listened at a convenient time.
The audio book segment caters to people who love books, who love to read but just don’t have the time to sit down with a book. Audio books are also a great way to introduce audiences to the printed version, and any other offering the author may have on the market.

At Infognana, your book will be published in the most popular audio format: CD and Downloadable MP3. The downloadable versions of our books are sold at the most important places including Amazon, Audioble.com and Apple’s iTunes Store. Books will be recorded by narrators with reading experience, and will be recorded in a built-for –the-purpose recording studio, using state-of-art microphones and recording equipment. Your audio book will provide maximum exposure for you AND your printed book, by opening up your work to a whole new audience.


Apps for books/ Book App

eBooks are in vogue because of the convenience and ease they offer to book readers. They are being created in various formats to support different devices and platforms. To provide readers with an enjoyable reading experience and to increase sales, certain categories of books are created as applications specific to devices such as iPhone, iPad, Google Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
At Infognana, we have a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in the latest mobile technologies, content design and development, and instructional design principles. By leveraging our in-depth understanding of the publishing and eLearning industries, we help clients create feature-rich and engaging eBooks as applications. While developing a ‘Book-as-an-App’, we creatively use the following features and options with it:
Multimedia rich graphics, audio, video, animation, etc. Location-aware functionalities, usage of accelerometer, Social media connectivity – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin etc.

To reduce the development cost of book as app, we develop applications using open standards and cross-platform/cross-device standards, and separate content from programming code whenever possible. In addition to our quality services, we support our clients at every step of the process from building the app, to getting it approved and launching it on the App store.


Infognana provides turnkey prepress solutions from raw manuscript to printed books and files for online publishing. We are equipped to deliver a whole range of value-added services that include project management, editorial services, image management and digital archiving along with typesetting and data conversion services. Our fully XML-enabled workflow empowers us to deliver XML files to clients as per their project requirement. We are dedicated to meet any unique requirements of the clients.
Infognana provides a full range of high-end publishing services for STM books & journals, HSS books & journals, Major reference works/encyclopedias, College textbooks, School books (El-Hi), Trade books and Custom books.