DocBook XML Conversion

At Infognana we create and convert content into DocBook XML format and from DocBook XML to any other format, as per the client’s requirement. As part of DocBook XML conversion services, our experts use tools like DocBook Stylesheets to convert DocBook into various formats like Text, HTML, PDF, RTF, etc. With our range of DocBook conversion services, we help content providers across the globe in creating several DocBook XML elements like books, chapters and articles. We can also create reusable documentation that can be distributed in almost any formats including PDF, HTML etc.

PubMed Conversion

PubMed Central Library requires content of papers or journals to be converted into PubMed-compliant XML format. At INFOGNANA, we provide PubMed conversion services and ensure that all documents are approved and accepted by the PubMed Central Library.We offer best-in-class quality PubMed conversion services to clients from all fields.
Content from various input formats such as PDF, MS Word, TXT, TeX or any electronic format is converted to the XML format. We strive to ensure that the conversions are error-free and submissions are accepted by the PubMed library without rework. We cater to varied clientele who require PubMed conversion services.

DTBook Conversion

Digital Talking eBooks or DTBook is a special form of electronic book in which the content is read out to the user. This is particularly suitable for people who are more comfortable hearing the content rather than reading it. DTBook is created and efficiently converted in a manner that makes it easier for the readers to read and navigate through the content effortlessly.
At INFOGNANA, we offer high quality DTBook conversion services, catering to the needs of all clients to create and convert eBooks into the digital talking format. We strictly adhere to the technical standards as laid down in the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) to create and convert eBooks that come with text and audio together. We convert any type of content into high-quality XML file format that can be utilized for creating digital talking eBooks. We take in source content from different file formats such as printed books, technical manuscript, digital books, articles, journals, PDF, Word, InDesign, Quark, etc. The content thus received is converted into excellent quality, error-free XML format according to the guidelines of National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards. The XML file can then be used to create high quality DTBook for different purposes. We also ensure that there is zero loss of data during conversion process.

TEI XML Conversion

TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) is a consortium to produce, publish and preserve digital content for research purposes. The consortium has also developed a set of XSL stylesheets to facilitate the transformation of DOCX to TEI XML, and TEI XML to other formats like HTML, HTML5, ePub and ePub3.
At INFOGNANA we offer a broad range of TEI XML conversion services to publishers, scholars, libraries and museums in producing and converting academic and research material into TEI XML format and from TEI XML to any other format, as per the client’s requirements. We have a dedicated team of TEI XML creation and conversion specialists who create digital academic publishing materials, particularly dictionaries and running text materials like journals, manuscripts, monographs etc., for online research, teaching as well as preservation.

S1000D Conversion

Infognana offers a full range of S1000D technical publication services from authoring new S1000D-compliant content, to converting your legacy data to S1000D. We can give your company the advantage it needs to tackle a project of any size or scope. Our off-the-shelf S1000D software products include product lifecycle management tools, an S1000D compliant publishing suite for technical documentation and a competency-based online learning management system.
Infognana is well-equipped to bring your documentation into compliance with the S1000D specification. As a partner in your S1000D conversion effort, we bring more than just a deep understanding of the specification itself; we also have the S1000D tools and conversion experience to ensure that your project will succeed.