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With high usage of internet and audio technologies, companies are piled up with audio and video files. The spoken language source needs to be transcribed for further processing or reference. The transcription becomes mandatory to avoid disputes or lawsuits later. Most industries are in need for transcription services. At Infognana, we understand this need and offer accurate and timely transcription services, fine-tuned to your industry.
Infognana’s transcription services are geared to produce accurate transcripts from audio and video recordings. We have been in business for 12 years and have transcribed over 12 million pages. Serving companies across the globe has given us extensive experience handling various language accents and nuances. With advanced audio-editing software, we enhance challenging audio in order to deliver the best possible transcript. Call us now and communicate your transcription needs… An ideal transcriptionist will start processing your file right away!

Types of Transcription services we offer:









Transcription experts are available for various accents and content categories. An ideal transcriptionist is assigned to every project to provide accurate results. The processed file is verified for accuracy by qualified professionals to ensure 99% accuracy. Call us now… and we will be your ultimate stop for all your transcription needs.


Transcription services at Infognana are straightforward with a transparent process. We provide up-front pricing without any hidden fees. Our transcription experts work in conjunction with the quality team to provide 99% accurate results within the specified timeframe. Our transcription features:

Transcription of strong accents

We have good experience in understanding and deciphering different accents and dialects. Our highly skilled transcriptionists have expertise handling various nationality slangs and other cultural nuances.

Timestamps based on client requirement

Get a good sync of the text with your audio, with timestamps/ markers at regular intervals. We offer timestamps based on your request.

Multiple quality checks

Our transcription goes through multiple stages of quality analysis to ensure error free transcription of your audio/video files.

Speaker Identification

We provide speaker identification to help you identify the speakers in the transcription. The identification can be specified based on the role or the speaker name.

Accurate technical terminologies

Our transcription is based on intense research into related subject to verify the accuracy of subject-related terminologies.

Verbatim/ Clean Transcription

The transcription can be formatted based on your requirement. We provide verbatim transcription which includes fillers, repetition and every expression; or, a clean transcription that is easier to read without expressions and fillers.

Fast turnaround time

We work on strict deadlines to deliver the transcription on time. On receiving the file, we provide quality transcription within 24 hours.

Why Choose us?

  • Accuracy with affordability
  • Highly secured process
  • Transcription by subject experts
  • Best pricing
  • Fast turnaround
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