Infognana offers general transcription services that are more accurate and cost-effective. Our team works diligently to convert almost any audio or video file to an editable electronic document. The developed transcripts can be integrated to websites, or other social media channels for better visibility of your content.
We cater to various categories under general transcription

Interview Transcription

Got a recording of an interview in hand? Looking for a good transcription service for further analysis of interviews? Infognana, can serve to be the right transcription partner to convert all your interviews to an editable document. Give us the tedious task and we will simplify the process with the most desirable result.
We process interviews involving multiple speakers and the transcripts are developed using timestamps and speaker names for easy identification. We have expertise transcribing journalist interviews, Celebrity interviews, phone interviews etc. Contact us now and tell us your requirement to start the interview transcription.

Seminar Transcription

The invaluable messages from seminars need to be recorded and produced in real text format for the benefit of many others. Every aspect of a seminar cannot be assimilated and attendees may want a replay of the seminar in order to grasp the important points. The significant task of information capture is well achieved with seminar transcription service at Infognana.
We accurately capture every bit of the seminar with regular timestamps for easy comprehension. Our transcriptions can also be formatted into books or any other material as per your request. So… get the content of the seminar in the most precise and accurate manner. Call us now and talk to our seminar transcriptionist to get further details about our service.

Lecture Transcription

Students face different challenges with note taking and comprehension during lectures. It becomes absolutely necessary to aid students to catch up with what they missed in important lectures. Recording and transcribing lectures can improve retention and success for students.
Infognana offers accurate and cost-effective transcription of lectures delivered by deans, professors, teachers, keynote speakers etc. Contact us now and get your lectures transcribed by expert transcriptionists with exclusive experience.

Focus Group Transcription

Want a transcription of your group discussion? Outsource your tasks to Infognana… We have extensive experience providing focus group transcription services to clients worldwide.
Our transcriptionists accurately record every insight, no matter how many people are talking. Handling complex conversations, tricky accents and overlapping speeches have been our way of life and we have mastered it over these years. Contact us and get your focus group transcription within the shortest time-frame!