Insurance Transcription

Medical evaluations, claim meetings, case notes, Summary reports

Insurance investigations results in numerous critical files that needs to be recorded and stored securely. Infognana offers insurance-related transcription services promptly delivered with high quality and reasonable pricing. We understand the importance of every word stated and ensure that the recorded statements are transcribed in a timely manner by our professional transcriptionists.

Legal Transcription

Trials, Depositions, Hearings, phone recordings

Looking for a transcription service that has good experience with legal terminologies? Infognana can take up any legal and law-related recordings and transcribe as per your requirement. Our experienced and competent legal transcriptionists are well trained with the legal terminologies and can provide an error free document. Our services are committed to prompt legal document preparation with an unsurpassed attention to detail. Our transcriptions are presented in a legally accepted standard and ensure privacy and confidentiality of client’s data.

We can provide quality legal transcription for