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10 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Save Your Money

Imagine this! You hire a person after a 2 month-long search. You spend the first 2 months carefully training him. By the end of the third month, he has just learned all the ropes.

But uh- oh, the fourth month he quits. You are back to square one! Frustrating, right? This happens more often in the business world than we think. Well, the good news is that you have a way to get your work done without all these hassles – by hiring a Virtual Assistant!

Why you need a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant works from a remote location on an hourly contract basis and is skilled and experienced enough to handle all your tasks efficiently. Hiring a Virtual Assistant saves you time, effort and most importantly, a lot of money. Virtual Assistants save the precious dollars you spend on.

  • Hiring Talent

The cost of hiring skilled talent these days is quite high. You need to spend on running recruitment ads, conducting tests & in-person interviews, short-listing candidates and finally getting the right person to join you by offering attractive pay. Hiring a VA, by comparison, is a low-cost affair. All you need to do is check out ads for VAs and pick one with the right skill set and affordable contract rates.

  • Onboarding & Training

Once you hire an employee, you have to continue spending on them to induct them into the workforce and train them on all aspects of the job including role requirements, work culture and ethics. But with VAs you need not spend as much. When you choose Virtual Assistants with the right experience, they can start working on your project right away without having to get acclimatized to your work culture.

  • Payment for Unproductive Days

With a regular employee, you are forced to pay for unproductive days like when the employee is on sick leave or paid vacation or maternity breaks. But hire a Virtual Assistant and you need to only pay for the hours that he or she works and not one dollar more!

  • Insurance and other benefits

To retain an employee, you have to give him a whole package of benefits apart from the salary. Some benefits like health insurance can even be mandatory. Virtual Assistants, if they are part of a firm get their benefits from their employers. But even Freelance VAs don’t expect a client to offer them such regular benefits.

  • Management and Supervision

When you choose to hire direct employees, you also need to hire managers to supervise their work. But since VAs work on an hourly contract basis, on specific tasks they can work with minimal supervision. So a VA can work with you directly or maybe through just one intermediary.

  • Office set-up and Infrastructure

If you have a big workforce then you must also have a big office space to accommodate them. With rising commercial property costs, this can take up a big chunk of your operational costs. Apart from the office space you also have to spend on other office infrastructure and supplies. In contrast, a VA uses his own space and equipment and saves these expenses for you.

  • Office Utility Bills

Setting up an office space is a big one-time expense but paying the electricity, housekeeping, and other utility bills is a continuous drain on your resources. When you engage skilled VAs to do most of your jobs you can hire direct employees only for the most critical jobs and manage your business with a smaller office and minimum bills

  • Research Assistance

Most Virtual Assistants have high skills in market research and bring their research capability to any task that you assign them whether it is handling your social media, managing your travel schedules or other daily administrative tasks. They can find you the best deals and inform you about competitor moves.

  • Cost of Delayed Customer Service

When you don’t have enough time or resources for small but important tasks like promptly responding to emails, comments, and reviews on social media, there is a good chance that your customers will lose the positive opinion they have about your brand. This will prove to be a costly mistake in the long haul. A social media VA can help you retain customers by responding to them on time.

  • The Cost of Stress

Did you know that in the US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly because of workplace stress? Research says that 120,000 people die due to work-related stress and nearly $190 billion are spent annually on healthcare to counter work-related stress. Hiring a VA to handle all the extra tasks overburdening you and your staff will not only make your life better it will save your money too!

All these cost-saving is good news for your business, isn’t it? Here’s the icing on the cake. You don’t have to spend time or money looking for a good yet cost-effective Virtual Assistant. Infognana Solutions offers superior Virtual Assistance Services for all your diverse business needs at convenient rates. Contact us today to find a competent VA with the exact skills you are looking for!

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