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3 Game Changing Technologies That Are Transforming The Gaming World

Technology is evolving at a pace we don’t really understand, but a look at the gaming world gives us an insight at the speed at which everything is happening. Every new game launched has some sort of new technology, which we need to acquaint ourselves with.

Today, we are going to discuss 3 promising technologies that are changing the gaming world and breaking the limits of game creation.

Cloud Gaming

Ever since Google’s announcement of their game streaming service; Stadia, cloud gaming has become the hot topic for not just gamers but everyone who loves anything tech. Cloud gaming is the biggest, most-exciting game changing technology in the video game industry today. Cloud gaming uses fast, reliable internet connections so that gamers can stream games through two methods; video streaming and file streaming.

Video Streaming: This method is slowly ruling the gaming world altogether. With video streaming, games are directly streamed on-demand and can be accessed without the need of a console or PC. Titles are stored on the company’s server and streamed to the computers directly through a thin client. Many companies like OnLive, Playcast Media Systems, and Gaikai provide this type of cloud gaming.

File Streaming: With file streaming, a thin client is used to run an actual game on a PC, console or mobile device. This method initially downloads a small part of the game so that the player can begin playing while the rest of the content downloads while he is playing. At a low bandwidth, users will get instant access to games with low latency. Many companies like Kalydo, Approxy and SpawnApps provide this type of cloud gaming.

Augmented Reality

The digital age is here and now! With technology like AR, the gaming world is moving forward at high speed. AR can add a virtual layer atop the real world, making the player feel like they are in the thick of things. Many smartphones now come with a host of commercial augmented reality applications. This opens a window of possibilities in the gaming world. Augmented reality is stirring up a commotion with games like Pokémon Go! and many others. Smartphones now will never be the same as it was even 5 years ago.

Virtual Reality

VR provides the users with a new and improved gaming experience. Virtual reality gaming is when the user experiences being in a three-dimensional environment and is able to interact with the environment during the game. When a user wears a VR headset, it changes his whole gaming experience by forming a connection between the player and the game. He will feel the game is around him, resulting in an immersive and personal experience. Now, there are also standalone VR headsets that do not require and PC or console, which is a whole new ball game in the VR field.

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