Digital Marketing Strategy

4 Errors That Can Kill Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Mistakes are the natural human tendency. Often, you forget your password, user id, or other valuable information which are important for running your business efficiently. There are ways to recover this information. But, in digital marketing services, some mistakes can prove extremely disastrous. You can’t afford to miss certain tasks when you are working on an online marketing campaign.

The experts using digital means for marketing always fear of unfortunate and embarrassing events that can become appalling for their business. Here, we have come up with four scariest online marketing disasters and how you can avoid them:

Forgetting Domain Renewal Date:

Though your hosting company will send you a reminder for domain renewal, but life has its own plans. There can be many reasons to forget or skip domain renewal date. It may be due to an employee’s negligence, if the card furnished for renewal is expired, or notification sent by domain registered company is directed to your spam folder.

But, in any case, you are on the losing side. One day, you wake up and realize that domain on which you spend hours to increase its ranking and traffic no longer belongs to you. All your efforts will go in vain due to a little unawareness. And, think about domain name of the big brands. It would be a nightmare for any company to lose its domain.

You can avoid such circumstances by keeping a close eye on domain renewal date. Write it down in an important dairy. Another thing you can do is to book a domain for the maximum period in advance. Maximum time allowed for holding a domain is 10 years. Some hosting companies offer enhanced security features and provide notification on a registered mobile well before the expiry date.

Forgetting to Track the Ranking:

You should keep an eye on your website ranking on a regular basis. It will be a disaster if you come to know that your website traffic is dried up. Google is getting trickier day by day and you need an expert’s eye to maintain and increase your website rankings. Before you come to know about the trend of losing traffic for months through Google Analytics, you should monitor your rankings and notice both positive and negative trends. Advance monitoring application should be preferred for quick checking and providing quick SEO diagnostic for issues.

Watch Out for the Downtime:

The site downtime is a usual problem faced by virtual platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well. But, how often your site gets down, it is the matter of concern. You should keep an eye on downtimes and their frequency. If it is more than excusable times, then you should think about it seriously. Downtime can be deteriorating during the peak season and also leaves a bad impression among the visitors. Users might feel reluctant to visit your website for the next time.

To overcome this situation, you can set a custom alert in Google Analytics to receive a text message whenever your site is down. You can forward the message to your developer team and ensure that your website gets to work quickly. Choosing an experienced digital marketing services agency is the best option to avoid such unpleasant circumstances.

Social Media Complaints:

Social media is a strong platform for people to share their experiences. Whenever they find any amazing product or an incompetent service, they use social media to express their views. Silently, such criticisms may create a bad impression among the consumers. Hence, social media presence is important for every business. Replying to your fans and followers can be very helpful to build a stronger brand. Whether they complain about or praise your services, you should address them quickly. Never shy away from accepting the mistakes and request apology to the clients whenever it is needed. Such gestures make those people strong advocates of your brand. You can use advanced applications that track the tweets or messages mentioned with your brand name.

These are the disastrous situations that you must avoid when planning robust online marketing strategies. Hiring an experienced digital marketing company like Infognana is your safest bait. With our expertise, we will manage your online ventures flawlessly.