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4 Strategies That Can Help When Developing an Android App In 2017

The smartphone market is increasing day by day, especially for the devices developed on Android platform. More than 80% phones are currently working on Android. If you have a concept to develop a great app, Android will be an ideal platform to reach the maximum audience. Hire the best mobile app development company to transform your concept into reality.

Here are some interesting facts about Android App market you must understand to compete comprehensively:

  • Google Play Store has more than 2.8 million apps till 2017
  • Android users were 1.4 billion in 2015 and they are increasing rapidly every year
  • Numbers of gadgets based on Android and shipped globally are 2944 million in 2016
  • Till March 2016, nearly 65 billion apps have been downloaded from the store

These statistics are clearly revealing that Android is the most popular platform among the smartphone users. The demand for apps in Google Play Store is rising for catering to the needs of geeks. Hence, it is better to develop an easy and useful app to attract the huge traffic of Android users. Here are some of the strategies you should consider beforehand to develop an incredible Android App.

1. In-depth Research:

It is important to investigate and make a proper market research before you develop an Android App. A deeper study of current trends and scenarios can give you an idea about your audience. You can analyze weaknesses and strengths of your competitors and get an in-depth knowledge about their strategies. As a developer, you can extract the real conclusion of their flaws and master-strokes.

Customer reviews on their apps will give you the valuable insights about likes and dislikes of users. You can pinpoint the faults that are really painful for the users. In fact, every developer must know the pros and cons of apps already available in the play store.

2. Focus on Features:

Design and aesthetics of an app matter a lot to attract users. But, it is equally important to focus on its features and functionality. You can follow the guidelines of Google that offer insights on topics like features, layout, pattern and style for android app development.

Remember to create the best and the most memorable user experiences with your app. You should try an out-of-the-box idea to attract and retain them. Features like sound, screen transitions, and other effects should be made engaging to amaze them.

3. Robust Marketing:

Thousands of apps are loaded on Google Play Store daily. It is hard to find a place in this overcrowded place. You should create a buzz in the market about your Android app. It is necessary to stand apart from the crowd to get recognized in this ocean of app store.

In this regard, pre-launch marketing of app can be very useful to create curiosity among the users. Going by market trends, experts advise beginning this marketing 2-3 weeks in advance. In fact, businesses have gained huge success with this strategy. At the same time, poor marketing has failed many apps despite their superior features and astounding visual aesthetics.

4. Test before Launch:

An app should never be released without proper testing. The developers must test the performance, efficiency, feasibility, and usability of app before its release. It is important to assess the user experiences before you launch it on the Google Play Store. Testing also helps in fixing the bugs and errors that can hamper your app’s credibility. Alpha testing and beta testing are two major phases which can be useful for successful launch of an Android app.

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