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5 Advantages of Using Open Source Software

Any software that a developer decides to publish with an open source license, is called an open source software. This software can be modified and shared by anyone as long as the terms and conditions are adhered to.

In recent years, most companies use open source software (OSS) in some way or the other rather than a few years ago where OSS was widely dismissed. Examples of commonly used software which are open source, including the Linux operating system, Firefox, Wikipedia and also the mobile operating system, Android. There are many advantages of using OSS apart from it being extremely cost-effective. Here are a few: 

1. Frequent Performance Upgrades 

Since there are a lot of people contributing to an open source software, and many eyes looking for bugs or upgrades, it leads to more robust and frequently updated solutions. Tools like WhiteSource will automate open source components in your computer which can be upgraded and notify you correctly. Using OSS solutions for your home security systems that run on the LinuxMCE operating system as a basis will come in handy as a part of your smart home setup. 

2. Transparency 

Working with open source software will give you a lot of transparency like having a clear view of the raw code and a community to discuss how the code works, which you will not get with paid software products. So, making any changes to any open source software will be relatively simpler than a paid or licensed software. With paid software, not everyone will know how to work the proprietary code, whereas when it comes to open source software, any extra feature can be included by you or you can pay a developer to do it. 

3. Low Administrative Costs 

Purchasing software requires some maintenance by the IT department to catalog and keep the software licenses updated. Paid software licenses have a stream of issues like usage being monitored, compliance issues, usage limits and more. But, open source software does not have these problems and you will have the liberty to use the software as much as you need without anyone storing or collecting your data. This way, using open source software will free up time for the IT and administrative staff.

4. Freedom

Many times people use different software and become locked in with the particular vendor of technology. It is not the same with open source software. People who use OSS do not have this issue as they do not pay for the product and have the freedom to change what solution they are using at any time. They can also modify it to fix their requirements if they should change. 

5. Strong Community of Support

Open source software will often have an active community of supporters who will help you answer any questions about the software. With paid software, there will be only one team of customer service executives with whom you can interact with. 

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