Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

5 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

In the recent years, marketers have begun to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in their various digital marketing strategies to make data-based decisions. AI has proven its worth with the relevant results it can provide in different fields. They are also capable of overtaking the human capability in certain aspects.

Today, we are going to discuss on 5 of the AI applications that are already revolutionizing the digital space.

Content Curation

AI curates content that makes it easy to connect visitors and display relevant content. This advanced technology is used to help users by giving them personalized content recommendations. This is helpful when visitors are already on your blog page and you can offer them with relevant posts to look into later. This way they are bound to spend more time in your website.

Web Design

Nowadays, even things like designing a website can be done with an AI. There are many applications that use AI to design websites. All it needs is the information like images, text, calls-to-action, etc. These website designs are designed in a very professional manner at reasonable prices.


Many brands prefer to communicate with their customers via messenger applications rather than a phone call. This makes communication easy and simple as most people do not like to wait for hours on the phone for a response. With chatbots, customers can get responses to frequently asked questions and also provide them with easy ways to search for a particular product or service.

Email Marketing

With the power of AI, you can personalize email marketing campaigns based on preferences and user behaviors. This way, you can connect with potential clients and have better communication with them. AI can analyze the right time and best day to contact any user before launching any digital marketing campaigns. You can personalize your email for each subscriber with the help of an AI.

User Experience (UX)

Not just email marketing, with AI you can also personalize each user’s experience on a website. Once the AI analyzes all the user information like location, demographics, devices, etc., it can display the appropriate content for every individual.

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