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5 Common Medical Insurance Claim Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Sending an insurance claim is one of the vital steps taken if you want your payment in time. Making these medical insurance claims can be a little stressful as you have to draft them without even the smallest mistake. In any case, if there is even a small mistake, it may lead to delays in payments.

Here are five common healthcare insurance claim errors you can easily avoid:

  • Sending your healthcare insurance claim late

Once any treatment is done, you must send in your insurance claims at the earliest. There may be circumstances where you will forget and not send the insurance claim on time which will result in delay of payments. Sending a claim is completely your responsibility and not the hospital’s. So, the quicker you send the claim, the sooner you will get paid.

  • Not sending your medical insurance claim to the right person

This is a common mistake that many people make. Though it may seem like a small mistake, it will cost you a delay in your payments. For instance, you send your invoice to a specific person at the company, only to later find out you haven’t received any update yet. So, you follow up with them to find out you have sent the claim to the wrong person and you need to re-send it to a specific person at the company. Now you have to start your whole insurance claim process again after wasting a few days. It is always good to ask who the correct person is before sending the claim.

  • Not specifying details

An insurance claim has to have specific details like the right amount to be paid, the date, the right contact, etc., Many people make the mistake of sending insurance claims without giving the correct details. This way, the insurance companies will decline the claim and keep postponing the payments.

  • Not following up

Once you send an insurance claim and have not received any update within a week or so, it is always good to follow up instead of dragging it along for more days. In most cases there may be some errors or the company is just busy. So when you follow up a week later, you are likely to get your update and be cleared on the same day.

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