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5 Points to Consider When Outsourcing Software Testing

Software testing is done for any company that develops software. It is a time-consuming process which ideally should be outsourced so that you can focus on primary business functions and drive innovation.

When you outsource software testing, you will be working with specialists who have expertise in product quality and will ensure you a better business outcome. Outsourcing will reduce in-house efforts, increase cost benefits, quick deliverables, easy access to specialized skills and lastly tested final products. With outsourcing software testing, your business is bound to save on revenue and hassles. Before outsourcing software testing, here are some points you should consider.

Build an engagement model

Having a proper outsourcing plan based on your business strategies will help you decide on what type of outsourcing partner you are looking for. There are two types of software outsourcing partners; total outsourcing and incremental outsourcing. In the first one, the entire project will be handled by one provider, whereas in the latter the work will be divided and outsourced to multiple providers.

Decide on SLAs

To have a clear and precise understanding of goals between your business and the service provider, defining SLAs in the beginning is best. The SLAs must be in accordance with the type of testing, engagement model and KPIs that you already have in place. For better test case efficiency, include product quality measure in your SLA.

Establish communication channels

If there is no proper communication between the service provider and your business, it can lead to errors and mishaps. Keep a check on the software testers and ensure there is regular communication between the outsourcing partner and your business. It is also important to check the availability of the outsourced team and see if they are competent enough to handle your software testing.

Scalability and flexibility

It is always good to include some flexibility in your agreement so that any sudden time fluctuations can be easily accommodated with the outsourcing partner. Some of the factors you can check to decide on flexibility are robustness, new capabilities, and ease of exit.

Project quality improvement and protection

The basic reason why anyone outsources software testing is to see an improvement in quality. Only if there is a continuous effort by the outsourcing partner in improving their working methods and process, you will be able to see an overall improvement in the product. It is crucial to ensure there is protection against your product and its information during outsourcing so that the vendor does not misuse your information.

These points will help you decide which software outsourcing partner to choose. Infognana Solutions offers quality software testing services and is one of the top software outsourcing companies in the industry.

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