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5 Reasons to Invest in a Cloud Based DMS

There has been an increase in demand of organized document management systems which has led to many companies to invest in various document management software. Cloud is one of the predominant phenomenona in the market and the popularity of DMS based on cloud has increased tremendously.

Cloud based DMS help organizations to store, capture, retrieve, index, secure and share documents. These DMS on cloud offer more advantages than the usual premise based software. Here are a few benefits of a cloud based DMS so you can have a better understanding of this platform:

  • Cost Savings

Using disk space, servers or new computers are quite pricey. This is where cloud based DMS come to the rescue. Since cloud based DMS uses enterprise’s existing equipment, it removes the requirement for high-powered servers and also complex on-site architectures. Cloud based DMS also cost relatively lesser than the cost of conventional premise based solutions. When you use a premise based solution, there are certain things like server updates, security infrastructure, maintenance etc., that you will need to invest on.

  • Easy Accessibility

Cloud based DMS ensure clients to access files anywhere and at any time without any trouble. It ensures better accessibility than premise oriented software. Now, businesses and their clients can share and store files easily with cloud based DMS. The high end versions of cloud based DMS allow for metadata tagging, check in & check out, fast document retrieval and content search which helps refer the documents as and when required.

  • Fast Deployment

Cloud based document management solutions is available through simple web browser internet connection like a SaaS. It does not require much of IT input and little or no software, no firewalls to configure and no backups to set up. With cloud based DMS, any organization can enjoy the flexibility to upgrade or customize solutions according to their needs.

  • High Security

To access any file on the cloud there is a lot of security measures set up which has to be cracked before retrieving anything on the cloud. Some security measures include key-card access, off-site redundancy, fire suppression equipment, diesel backup generators and on-site replacement.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Most industries have certain record keeping compliance requirements. Cloud based DMS exceed those of premise based ones and lowers the risk of failing to comply with regulatory compliance mandates.

These are just a few key benefits of cloud based DMS providers. To figure out which is the right solution for your business, we can assess your document management and get you the best cloud based DMS. For more information on our cloud services or any other document management services, get it touch with our trained experts today!

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