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5 Resolutions That IT Recruiters Should Make This New Year

Every year brings newer opportunities for IT recruiters to innovate their hiring procedures. While it is obvious to sit back and analyze things done in the past year, this is also the time to make new plans and resolutions. Also, it gives you a chance to spruce up your efforts to find the best candidates possessing desired skills. Seek inspirations.

Take it as an opportunity for self-assessment and improvement. And, fret not. Here, you’ll find 5 New Year’s resolutions that you can make as an IT recruitment company.

1. Ditch The Conventional Methods:

Not completely. But, make way for innovation in your recruitment strategy. The conventional methods of hiring with usual job advertisements, screening of resumes, telephonic interviews, and personal interactions are losing their impact. The millennial workforce is attracted by the innovative and smarter methods of recruiting. Get creative and try using the Facebook for posting your job advert. Use the latest technologies like video chatting, speed dating, or host an ‘Open Day’ to support your recruitment drive.

2. Be Unbiased:

The organizations are unbiased in a broader sense. Here, biases refer to the minor considerations like preferring people having similar attributes as you possess. Instead of getting impressed by a person’s sense of humor or personal preferences, remain unbiased even if it’s done unconsciously. IT staffing companies should bring more transparency in their hiring processes this year.

3. Leverage Social Recruiting:

Social recruiting is getting popular and it deserves to be so. It helps the recruiters in expanding their outreach, screen the candidates effectively, create a sustainable brand image, and bring cost-effectiveness in recruitment process outsourcing. Above all, it appeals to the new-age employees. So, it’s completely harmless. Despite its benefits, many recruiters are still wary of social hiring. They shouldn’t be. It is a wonderful way of finding the most deserving talent and increasing their social circles.

4. Embrace Mobile-Optimization:

The job-seeking behavior of candidates has largely changed since the advent of smart technologies. They prefer receiving job notifications and details on their smart mobile devices. Hence, the job sites and job postings ought to be mobile-optimized to capture their attention. It will bring more efficiency in your recruitment process and remove the bottlenecks. The interviews will be more streamlined and job ads will become more compelling than they were before. Reduced time will save money and good hiring will happen all over again.

5. Be Communicative:

Have you been a discerning recruiter having deep focus on maintaining a proactive communication with the candidates? If the answer is negative, it’s time for a change. You need to change your attitude this year. There are some recruiters who never respond to the candidates failing in the face-to-face interviews. Some don’t even call back the selected candidates for making a prompt offer. The result is that they lose the potential employee they have been looking for. A waste of time and money is evident. Moreover, it diminishes the reputation of the company as a whole. So, this year, make it a resolution to send an email to every applicant and acknowledge them for giving their time to your recruitment procedures.

Assume it to be the year of improvements. Make amends. Avoid mistakes. Battle the competition and find the best candidates by using IT recruitment services of Infognana. We help our clients in successful recruitment with our highly efficient solutions.