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6 Interesting Trends to Be Expected in Global Outsourcing Industry in 2017

Since last year, trends in commerce are changing rapidly and people are witnessing many reforms in outsourcing business. Major companies from USA, UK, Australia, UK, and other countries are looking to increase the span of their business by outsourcing of services.

Perhaps, outsourcing business is taking a different shape, particularly since January 2017. But there are some concerns or expectations (to be precise) of the outsourcing countries that need to be addressed for a seamless business. Companies who are hunting for business from these countries should emphasize on following points to increase their chances of getting more customers.

1. Protection of Data:

Usually, companies looking to outsource their services have to share their internal data with the vendors. Managing of this remote data is the key in outsourcing business. There are concerns regarding the valuable records shared by the companies. They are more willing to choose a partner that can handle and manage their data securely. Foreign companies don’t want their data to be misused. Hence, they outsource the business to companies taking appropriate measures for the protection of technical and physical data of a client company.

2. Utility of RPA:

RPA means Robotic Process Automation. It is an advanced technique used by companies to replace certain repetitive manual tasks. The companies that are aligned with this technique and possess expertise in Robotic Process Automation have better scope to get business from offshore clients.

3. Lower Operating Cost:

The main objective of outsourcing partners is to cut down the costs incurred by the companies. As a matter of fact, a parent company looks to reduce the expenditure incurred on traveling, direct training, and other operational costs at their offshore centers. Since the beginning of this New Year, innovative channels of communication are explored to interact and train the people at these offshore centers.

4. Additional Services:

Added services are always preferred by the clients. Hence, many offshore service providers are offering certain additional services to enhance the scope of their operations and customer satisfaction. These facilities are serviced at a nominal or no additional cost.

5. Flexibility in Working Hours:

The offshore service industry is totally dependent on outsourcing companies. They need to work at varied operative hours that are suitable for the clients. BPO companies have to directly interact with clients and serve them promptly. Companies engaged in this industry have to bring flexibility in operational hours. Here, companies offering backend services do not need to frequently interact with customers. Hence, they can fully leverage this flexibility of working hours accordingly.

6. Requirements Oriented Agreement:

Outsourcing industry prefers to sign contracts that fulfill each requirement. As a result, offshore companies, offering contracts that are framed from the perspective of clients, have better chances of winning business from them. Clients are more comfortable to allot a project to companies that are promising to provide services as per their expectations and are ready to write down the same in their agreement.

These are some of the most interesting trends emerging on the landscape of service outsourcing industry. If you are looking for a reputed partner in India, you can lay your trust on Infognana. We have successfully managed the offshore business of our clients to ensure increased ROI and efficiency.