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7 Brilliant Reasons to Scan Your Records

The best way to keep up with the fast growing technology is by going paperless. Document scanning is more important now than ever. Scanning records improves the economy and enables businesses to grow. It also increases efficiency and productivity, safe and secure storage, and is cost-effective.

As your business continues to grow, there will be more paper coming in and out of your company, which means more data to track.

Without hiring any additional staff, the production can increase with digital document management, workflow automation and cloud access to information. If you’re still in two minds whether or not to go digital, these benefits will help you make a decision.  

Better Data Security

Scanning records provides extra security like easy access controls for internal security, file encryption in case of any external breach and firewalls and antivirus for other external risks. Since scanned documents can be securely saved in the cloud, there is less chance of data falling into the wrong hands.

Preservation of Company Data

Whatever the size of your company, there will always be important records that must be preserved. If these records as in paper format, then the aging process accelerates every time they are handled and can cause damage to the document. Digital documents have the best stability and ease of format in the future.

Streamline Collaboration

When documents are digitized, it makes it easier for different teams to work together. Not just teams in the same office, but also for teams across geographic areas. They will all be able to access and view electronic documents simultaneously.  

Simplify Compliance

For any audit, the files should be easily available and quick to produce. If the documents are scanned, it will be easy for a company to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations. With the help of a digital records management software, all files can be indexed and organized in a proper manner.  

More Office Space

When you have physical copies of scanned documents at the workspace, it will most definitely take up space which can be used for other purposes to generate more revenue for your company. Whereas, on a server, thousands of documents can be stored without taking up any cabinet space in the office.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Paper documents are easily vulnerable to any natural calamity or even a simple spilled cup of coffee. Scanned documents can be easily backed up to remote servers on a regular basis, virtually eliminating any loss.

Greener Planet

Yes, we know paper is recyclable, but when there is no use of paper at all, there will be no necessity to recycle anything. Scanned documents require less energy for climate-controlled storage and will also reduce the amount of printer ink used which is beneficial for a greener planet.

These benefits will help enable workflow automation which in turn saves money! So what are you waiting for? Get digitized today!

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