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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Language Service Provider!

In today’s increasingly globalized world, an enterprise’s success largely depends on its ability to broaden its horizons and cross frontiers of language and culture. But for a small business to cross these limiting barriers on its own is an uphill challenge.

It needs a trusted partner with professionals who have sufficient expertise in language services.

Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally” – Italo Calvino

The need for language services may continue throughout the lifetime of your business. So a language service provider is an important ally and choosing the right one is an important decision. But let’s admit, it is definitely not an easy decision given that there are more than 26000 Language service providers (LSP) worldwide. A wrong choice may cost you heavily in money, time, and goodwill.

So what must you look for when choosing a language partner? Here are some important factors that you can consider.

  1. Quality Consciousness

    Your communications to the target market carry your brand’s reputation. You can’t risk damaging it with inaccurate translations or inappropriate localization. So your language service provider must have an unwavering focus on quality. Check if the translators, editors, proofreaders, and other professionals with your Localization partner have adequate experience and training. Another consideration that can aid you in your decision-making is the certifications that the LSP holds for quality and information security. An LSP who is conscious of quality would have clearly laid out mechanisms to monitor quality and to address client feedback and complaints.

  2. Track record

    When we plan on buying a simple product online, the majority of us go through all the reviews there are on the internet, ask the opinion of friends, family, and even strangers on social media before we finally buy the product. Doesn’t the same rule apply to a major decision like choosing a long-term language partner? So before you freeze on your final choice, read through the client testimonials and reviews about the LSP, talk to some of their clients, and lend ears to the buzz about them on social media. A company with many satisfied clients will be more likely to satisfy you too.

  3. Scope of Service

    You may need only one language service at present, like the translation of a document but choosing a Language service provider who offers a wide range of language services will serve you well in the long term. Going to a one-stop shop for all your language needs is certainly more convenient than dealing with separate vendors for content creation, translation, localization, interpretation, desktop publishing, e-book creation, and multi-media solutions.

  4. Level of Service

    The breadth of the services that your LSP provides surely matters, but the depth of the service matters much more. When you have a tight deadline and try to reach your language service provider, how would it be if you are forced to hear robotic responses or passed on from one support person to the other? On the other hand, if a project manager is assigned to your project whom you can easily get in touch with at any time, won’t the relationship with your LSP be much more satisfactory and productive? So when you choose an LSP, make sure it offers a clear communication line and has a proactive approach in service.

  5. Technological Capabilities

    It is important that your Language Service Provider is using reliable and advanced technology. This is especially relevant when you are looking for instant language services like interpretation or when you are availing of services that are technology-driven like web designing or desktop publication. Bad connections in an interpretation call will mean not only a loss of time and money but also a dent in your reputation with clients. So before deciding on a Language service provider make sure that it has a low percentage of dropped calls, a high bandwidth capability for video interpretation, and high versatility in technology.

  6. Fair & Transparent Pricing

    Most companies have pricing as one of the top criteria when choosing a service provider. When there is a strain on your budget, you would definitely be tempted to choose the one who quotes the lowest but as the saying goes you only get what you pay for. If your LSP is quoting too low then there is a high chance that you get low-quality services. If the quote is too high, then folks in your finance department may frown. So the price you get from your LSP must balance competitiveness and fairness. Some LSPs quote low initially but surprise you with hidden costs at the end of the project. That will be a cause for disappointment even if the service you get is worth the price. The last thing you want from a partner is dishonesty.

  7. Industry experience

    Language needs differ from industry to industry. The terminology, style guidelines, and client expectations are unique for every industry. A Language service provider must be familiar with the particular nuances of your industry. Say, you are an automotive company, you wouldn’t be comfortable working with a localization service provider whose professionals have no experience in the automotive industry even if their language capabilities are great, would you? So the LSP’s specialization and experience in your industry have to be taken into account before you decide to sign the contract with them.

Now that you know what to look for, you must also know how to be sure of your decision. Most Language service providers offer free or minimally charged trials. Choose a brief but representative sample for the test. The trial service can give you insights into how the LSP fares on all the above criteria.

Even with all these pointers, are you still hazy about the decision? You can’t go wrong with a global localization company that has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certifications provide comprehensive language solutions and have an impressive track record in providing high-quality solutions for clients across industries. Infognana Solutions has all these credentials and can be your perfect localization and publishing partner. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Ask for a free trial today!

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