eBook Conversion Services

7 Important Points you need to remember while Outsourcing eBook Conversion

You no longer have to carry your books with you wherever you go if you want to continue reading the book you started reading. You have the iPad and Kindle which enable you to store over a thousand books and pick any at random and read – at any time in any place. This has indeed come as a boon to epublishing companies who are into eBook conversion.

Ebook conversion is nothing but converting the hard copy form of any book into an eBook reading format. Thanks to this technology any hardbound or paperback book can now be converted into this convenient form, which makes reading a great pleasure. However, it is important to choose the correct service provider to entrust the conversion jobs else there will be errors and delays that you cannot afford. Here are a few great tips to remember while outsourcing eBook conversion.

  1. Enquire in the market about the eBook conversion rates from a few companies before deciding. No point in paying prohibitively high prices when the same job can be done at very competitive prices elsewhere.
  2. Ebook conversion is a great option for budding authors, seasoned writers, or amateurs and outsourcing this to an experienced professional helps save a lot of money, which you would otherwise spend on technology and infrastructure.
  3. There are professionals in the field with whom you can brainstorm and come out with great eBook designs, and format the end product the way you want. Outsourcing to a technically superior e publishing services provider helps convert a paperback into an excellent digital format.
  4. Most of the professionals are trained in the business and will be able to understand your requirements. They will come up with tailor-made solutions that will suit your needs perfectly.
  5. Turnaround time is a great concern for writers, while you may have to wait months on end with a regular publisher, e publishing companies take delivery schedules very seriously. The task assigned to them will be completed on time, maybe well ahead too.
  6. Choose a company that is well equipped with the latest publishing software. This way you can make sure the clarity of the content and its readability are far above average.
  7. Most companies are willing to offer trial conversion packages, which you should take. This helps you check whether they suit your genre so that error free content is assured.

Digital publishing is set to take you places, provided you choose the right company like Infognana to outsource you e conversion projects. The important thing is the credibility and long track record of the e publishing company you are going to do the business. Word of mouth and referrals are also great means to determine if you are dealing with thorough professionals.