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7 Reasons Why You Must Translate your Website

For today’s enterprise, ‘going global’ is no longer just an aspiration, it is a necessity. To sustain in an intensely competitive business environment, you have to be prepared to cross language and cultural barriers to conquer international markets.

And one way to do this is to translate your website into multiple languages.

There are several reasons why you must seriously consider translating your website to other languages. Here are the top seven!

  • Expand your Reach to a Wider Audience

The most compelling reason for translating your website to other languages is that you get to broaden your reach. A broader reach means a stronger brand and a stronger brand, in turn, means better growth. A multi-lingual website will also help you engage with prospects from international markets and get instant feedback on differing preferences.

  • Boost your Traffic and Revenues

When you translate your website to reach a wider audience, an outcome you can surely expect is increased traffic and increased conversion. A survey by ‘Common sense Advisory’ indicates that more than 60 % of the survey participants revealed that they don’t normally buy at English-only websites. When your prospects can read the information in their native language then they are more likely to buy from you. That’s certainly good for your bottom line, isn’t it?

  • Analytics Data suggests Translation

If you are using an analytics tool like Google Analytics to gauge how your website is performing, you can get valuable information that would help you decide if your website needs a translation. You can get to know the geographical location of your site’s visitors and the languages that they use to browse your website. If you have significant traffic from a foreign market then translating your website to the most popular language in that market will be the logical next step.

  • Optimize for Search Engines

In a content-driven market, like the one we have today, websites are key assets of a business. Realizing the importance of enhancing their online presence most businesses have started investing time effort and money in optimizing their content for search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SMM) are very common terms in marketing parlance today. A multilingual website helps you rank better in search engine results and helps you boost your SEO efforts.

  • Catch up with Competition

One thing a successful business does is to always have a watchful eye on what its competitors are doing. So if your competitors are translating their websites to other languages, then you have a strong reason to consider translating yours too. Because if you don’t, you will be letting your competitors outpace you and the distance you may have to cover will get longer with time. So it is better that you catch up as quickly as you possibly can.

  • Follow-up after Trade shows & Conferences

If you have just participated in trade shows and international conferences and have already piqued the interest of new customers from other countries, then it makes perfect sense for you to opt for website translation in a language that your new prospects are most comfortable in. It will help you continue engaging with them about your products and services and push you closer to your dream of becoming a globally recognized brand.

  • Delight your customers with a truly global experience

The ultimate objective of any enterprise is to satisfy its customers. These days, most companies aim to delight and not just satisfy. If your website visitors see that you give them the choice of getting information from your website in their language that will surely add to the ‘delight’ factor. When you are trying to reach new customers across the globe, a multilingual website will give them the right first impression about your business and the world-class experience they may expect from you.

So, have you decided to translate your website? Next comes the challenge of choosing the right language service provider. Infognana Solutions offers high-quality translation services and website content localization services in over a hundred languages. With our professional and impeccable translation services, you can be sure that your website strongly resonates with your worldwide audience.