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8 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Twenty years back, the word ‘marketing’ brought to mind TV, newspaper and billboard ads. But in the last decade, a digital wave swept across the marketing world and changed its face forever.

Now marketing mostly means ‘Digital Marketing’. Digital marketing has taken up almost half of a firm’s total marketing spend.

In the last 5 years, Google ad campaigns, Social media marketing, and SEO are words that often tumbled out of every marketer’s lips. But now as we are nearing 2020, new words are waiting to take over. Are you ready for the changes that are about to rock the digital marketing world?

Here are the top digital marketing trends that we expect to rule the market in 2020.

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Reports suggest that 49% of consumers reject brands that annoy them with irrelevant ads. On the other hand, when websites send them targeted content, more than 36 % of people end up buying their products. Most companies have caught on these facts and are looking at targeted advertising more seriously. In the last two years, AI has made more personalization in digital advertising possible. Going forward, this focus on personalization will get more intense and advertising will become much more targeted and precise.

Micro- moment Marketing

‘ Micro-moment marketing’ is the new digital marketing buzzword that has caught the attention of marketers this year. In 2020, we will see this idea of getting more popular. Micro-moments are when consumers use their smartphone or other web-connected devices to act on their instant needs – to make decisions like where to eat, which product to buy or which movie to go to. So this year as a digital marketer you must work on identifying these micro-moments of your potential customers and aim to meet their needs precisely in these moments

Voice Search Marketing

It may take more time for people to get more comfortable with the idea of using their voice to order for products instead of looking at visual aids like logos and packaging. But we are slowly getting there. Today, 43% of voice-enabled device owners use their device to make purchases and voice shopping accounts for around $2 billion in consumer spending. By 2022, it is predicted that ‘Voice’ will be a $40 billion channel. Brands have to start capitalizing on the unique opportunity that this channel presents. They must optimize their content for voice search.

Live Videos

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released the following data:

74 % of consumers in the US watch streaming or online video at least once in a week and 41 % watch daily.
78 % of digital video viewers are open to watching ads to access free content.
Live videos on Facebook Live and Instagram Live get 3 times more viewing span than other videos
These facts give us the cue to make use of live video ads an important digital marketing tool in 2020

Interactive Content

When it comes to the content of digital marketing, the trend is shifting towards Interactive content like shoppable posts, AR/VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), quizzes and polls, 360-degree videos and so on. Interactive content is a great way to increase engagement with the netizen whose attention span is becoming shorter every day. More than 90 % of shoppers today prefer more interactive content online. So interactive content as a digital marketing trend is sure to pick up pace in 2020

Consumer Privacy

One concern that has taken the world in 2019 has been consumer privacy. The privacy slip-ups that Facebook and other social media biggies had faced recently had brought the question to the surface. Many Governments around the world have strengthened regulations to protect privacy. Europe’s GDPR and California’s CPA enacted recently prove the significance that this issue has gained. This means in 2020 businesses have to start thinking about privacy when they are managing information about their customers.

5 G Technology

The widespread adoption of 5 G will dramatically change how users access the content. The unbelievably fast data rates and high connection density means that mobile usage in the global markets is going to spike. This opens up a lot of opportunities for digital marketers in 2020.

Consolidation of Digital Marketing Software

The present market scenario has many marketing technology providers offering different services. Sometimes an enterprise is forced to deal with more than 90 marketing cloud services as part of its digital marketing efforts. This year has seen enterprises slowly switching to one software that consolidates all digital marketing tools. Hubspot has already opted for a single platform and in the coming year, more companies might catch up on this trend.

All these trends hint at the exciting potential that 2020 holds for digital marketing. To be ready for these changes you need a digital marketing partner who is primed for the future. Infognana Solutions offers digital marketing services that are result-oriented and forward-looking. Contact us today to get expert assistance in enhancing your online presence.

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