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How AI, Machine Learning Will Impact Network Management

During the past year, the terms machine learning and artificial intelligence have been talked about a lot. These tools are capable of increasing your productivity and transform your operations by reducing costs. It provides critical insights into the user experience which will help improve productivity more than ever.

Both Machine learning and AI help go through copious amounts of data which sometimes the manpower in a company cannot make it happen. In this blog, let us further discuss the impact of AI and machine learning on network management.

Machine learning and AI, when applied to network management can make a huge difference. The two will decrease costs and at the same time increase productivity. How you’re asking? Network managers do most of their process manually. With the help of machine learning, these processes can be done automatically by predicting the network problems prior to them happening. With these algorithms, identifying user network problems are easy as they also give recommendations to fix them. This enables network managers to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it quickly without any hassle.

From identifying potential network issues to answering critical network questions, machine learning and AI are set to make the network world a better place. Network managers will be able to fix network issues by the time they become too big and brainstorm ways on how to make the network better for the future.

Benefits of Machine Learning and AI in Network Monitoring

Network monitoring use AI and machine learning to examine and respond to performance data. Many network monitoring tools have implemented the two in their systems. Here are a few of the benefits that AI and machine learning bring into their networks.

Data processing and analysis

Since a lot of data is generated on a daily basis by a network, it requires Network Performance Monitors (NPMs) to process all the data and understand what is going on. AI in NPMs can sift through huge amounts of data and analyze it in real-time, giving you a full perspective on the information your network sends out and receives. This AI examines data constantly and so will have old and new data to compare. With the use of machine learning in NPMs, one can look out for network trends and any network problems.

Automatic problem solving

Apart from detecting and alerting users to network issues, using AI and machine learning can learn common problems affecting your network. Sometimes the NPMs may detect the same problem over and over again, then the AI will figure out the best solution for it and eventually will have enough data to make these decisions on its own.

Customizable response

As AI and machine learning do not work on its own, it requires some training to respond to events happening on your network, which means customizable options for AI are available to analyze and respond to specific types of events. Thus, you can train your AI to handle issues on its own and take action when they occur.

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