Infognana specializes in assortment intelligence, the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data on a retailer’s product assortment. By closely monitoring and understanding your products and competitors’, we provide valuable insights. Our assortment intelligence enables informed decisions on product selection, pricing, and inventory management, empowering you to optimize offerings, meet customer demands, and gain a competitive edge. Discover the power of assortment intelligence with our services today and unlock growth opportunities for your business. Experience the difference Infognana can make in driving your success. 

Category Assortment

Infognana’s category assortment service provides a thorough analysis of products within specific categories across multiple competitors. With meticulous examination and management, we strive to create a well-balanced and optimized assortment for your business. Infognana’s focus is on aligning the assortment with customer preferences and helping you achieve your business objectives. Trust us to deliver comprehensive category intelligence and empower your success. 

Product Assortment

Infognana’s product assortment service is dedicated to curating a diverse selection of products that shape your brand perception. We recognize the significance of striking the perfect balance—avoiding both an excessively broad range that dilutes your image and a narrow selection that disappoints customers. Through meticulous assortment planning, Infognana aims to minimize issues like dead stock, stockouts, and customer dissatisfaction. Trust us to optimize your product assortment for success. Rely on our expertise to enhance your brand’s appeal and drive customer satisfaction. 

Assortment Gaps

Infognana’s assortment gap analysis service focuses on identifying and addressing disparities between your product offerings and those of your competitors. We pinpoint areas where your assortment may be lacking certain products or variations available in your competitors’ offerings. By highlighting these gaps, we provide valuable insights and opportunities for improvement, enabling you to differentiate yourself competitively and enhance your product assortment.  

Attribute Assortment

Infognana’s attribute-based assortment analysis service unlocks valuable insights by identifying and analyzing competitor assortments. Through attribute mapping, we compare attributes and attribute values with those of competitors. This analysis empowers retailers to determine whether these attributes and values can serve as effective filters for left-hand side navigation, ultimately enhancing the browsing experience for customers. Elevate your customers’ browsing journey with Infognana’s attribute-based assortment analysis service. 

Keep | Carry | Drop

Infognana’s solution delivers real-time insights to retailers regarding product selection, retention, and discontinuation. By analyzing extensive amounts of competitive data and consumer e-demand signals, we identify assortment gaps and opportunities for differentiation. With Infognana’s data-driven solution, you can make informed, systematic, and timely assortment decisions, leading to better business outcomes and a competitive edge. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging our powerful solution and drive success through data-driven assortment strategies.