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E-learning Localization- Its Significance in the Current Scenario

Introduction: Lately, businesses of all sizes rely on E-learning to train their employees and educate their customers as it is high-time and cost-efficient. It’s not adequate enough to present E-learning in a single language, especially if you have a global presence. Localization ensures that this valuable content is made relevant for all, no matter where […]

Trendsetting Trends in Localization

The recent pandemic has kindled the need for content localization to a larger extent. Lately, more people need access to information. This scenario has led to a pointed demand for translators, in particular. They should be well versed with the local culture and nuances in addition to the language expertise. In order to thrive in […]

E-Commerce Product Page Optimization for Enhanced Sales – Know how

Introduction:  In this millennium, where you have to keep afloat in a hyper-competitive e-commerce market, you need to embellish your strategy and technique on a regular basis. How you flaunt your products truly brings you brownie points. Product pages containing congruous information play a pivotal role in converting your visitors into prominent buyers. So you must […]