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Best Practices to Follow for Online Retailers

Online retail has been the go-to shopping platform for most people in the recent years. When shopping online people like to read about the product before buying it. So, product content and visual content provided online has to be of high-quality. They play an important role in the decision making of a customer.

Product content conveys the brand story, provides relevant information, and shows how to use the product.

Consistency and consumer experience is key whether the product is presented online or at a physical store. Hence, brands must make an extra effort to optimize their content to facilitate both.

Nowadays, people prefer to do even their grocery shopping online. Retailers make investments in supporting eCommerce in regards to grocery categories making sure that accurate, relevant content is updated.

If you are unsure of some of the best practices that will boost your sales, here are 5 tips to follow:  

  • Images

High resolution, high-quality and product detailed images are a must when it comes to showcasing your product online. The images you provide must be easily visible on any device that a consumer uses. When a consumer looks at an image, he must be able to understand all the details about the product without even reading the description. High quality images are a prerequisite for success.  

  • Product Title

Product titles are the most critical when it comes to search ranking and is the first thing a customer sees when they search for a product. Having unique, tailored information can convince customers to click on the product. Including keywords in your product title, product description and feature bullets will help you have the best organic site search relevance.

  • Ratings and Reviews

The more positive reviews, the higher the ratings of your products. They create a good amount of traffic for your product, initiates conversions and increases sales. When you have positive reviews, it can influence the search rankings and enhance customer confidence to buy the product. This way, the customers will also enjoy a positive sales shopping experience.

  • Short Videos

Having short videos of less than a minute, centered around the product will give customers the experience of interacting with the products just like in a physical store. These videos must be of high quality and have the ability to grab the customers attention within the first 3 seconds. Videos that are used for eCommerce platforms can also be used as marketing strategies on social media or for online advertising.

  • Mobile Images

With mobile phones easily available and every third person using one, online shopping has become the most preferred platform. It is important that the images when viewed on the mobile screen provide accurate information like the size, color, variant etc., If the images are unclear, the customer will lose interest and move on to another website. So, make sure all the images are optimized for mobile screens to increase product sales.

These practices will benefit any online retailer to grow their business and see positive changes happen. If you are interested in making these changes to your eCommerce   business, and are not sure how to, we at Infognana Solutions can help you out! Get in touch with our online retail experts today, or for more information on our services, check out our website at: Online Retail Services | Product Catalog Management