Sr. Python Developers (NLP, Text extraction)

Experience: 5-9 years

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent education or work experience
  • Minimum of 5-9 years of industry experience in Python programming
  • Proven experience as an NLP Engineer or similar role
  • Proficient in Language models, OCR, NLP techniques and tools like Tesseract for text extraction and data attributes modeling
  • Knowledge of cloud-based OCR NLP solutions such as AWS Textract, Google Vision, Azure OCR, etc.
  • Hands-on with Python frameworks NLTK, Spacy, Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas, etc.
  • Experience with machine learning frameworks (like Keras, PyTorch, XgBoost, LSTM, RNN, CNN, etc.) and libraries (like scikit-learn)
  • Understanding of image processing techniques and tools using Python OpenCV
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for effective communication with the team and ability to present information to technical and non-technical stake holders
  • Experience in DevOps, Deployments and Cloud Architecture setup on AWS is a huge plus
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Help us improve our NLP products and create innovative new NLP applications with out of box thinking
  • Designing and developing NLP applications
  • Study and transform data science prototypes
  • Select appropriate annotated datasets for Supervised Learning methods
  • Use effective text representations to transform natural language into useful features
  • Find and implement the right algorithms and tools for NLP tasks/projects
  • Develop quick NLP models according to requirements
  • Train the developed model and run evaluation experiments
  • Perform statistical analysis of results and refine models
  • Extend ML libraries and frameworks to apply in NLP tasks
  • Remain updated in the rapidly changing field of machine learning and build real time learning models
  • Develop solutions with minimum guidance, self-starter