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Things You Must Know about the Laravel Framework

The coders are vouching for the simple functionality and avant-garde features of Laravel. This web application development framework has been there since last couple of years. But, the launch of its latest version 4.0 moved up the ante.

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Modern Web Management

Speaking of a good web application which is popular amongst its users, would bring us to speak of parameters like user friendliness, smartphone compatibility, security and future readiness.

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The Misunderstood aspects of Agile Scrum Software Development

When you are thinking of creating customized software as a project manager there are several steps to it that you should take into consideration. The primary techniques to remember would be how to use waterfall and agile.

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Secure with HTTPS | Software Development Outsourcing

Why and How to Make Your Website Secure With HTTPS

Having sensitive information on your website makes it vulnerable to many potential cyber threats. You must get it secured and it’s easy! The best way to make your website infallible is to empower it with the SSL or HTTPS.

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The Importance of Adapting Agile Software Development

Today the use of computers and software has become essential for the success of businesses irrespective of whether they are small, medium or large. Educational institutions and other professional organizations too find it hard to manage their activities without the use of computers and various types of software that have been made available according to the specific needs of each sector. Read more

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Points to Remember when Creating Single Page Web Apps

Single Page Web applications also commonly known as SPAs have evolved to become the default benchmark in web app development. What makes it more fascinating and compelling is that the primary portion of the app runs on a single web page, and enhances the browser capabilities as well. What makes innovators more special is their endeavor to have apps run entirely in the browser itself. Read more