Ecommerce Catalog Management Services

Common Hiccups Faced in Ecommerce Catalog Management

Maintaining and managing your product catalog is probably one of the most difficult parts of having an eCommerce website. You would probably have hundreds or even thousands of SKUs published across various sales channels. To continually update and manage the data it requires a lot of time.

With the variety and number of products increasing daily, the complexity of maintaining the data increases and thus many merchants settle for substandard product information.

Here are few of the common challenges that merchants face while managing their eCommerce product catalog:

  • Consistent Product Uploads

All merchants have to always keep their SKUs updated depending on the type of products sold and where it is sold. Constantly uploading products can take a significant amount of time and without any proper management, it can be a hassle for merchants to manage.   

  • Dealing With Supplier Data

When you work with product data from third parties like suppliers, it is most likely going to be a challenge. Not all the necessary information like product attributes will be provided. Since suppliers don’t always sell directly to consumers, they don’t always standardize their product the same way a merchant would. To fix this problem, you will have to clean up data which may in turn slow down your process.

  • Selling Across Multiple Channels

If a merchant is selling products across different channels, the biggest challenge would be listing the product simultaneously. Every channel will have its own guidelines on how to list the products. So if you don’t upload the correct way, your product may not even be listed in the right place. This is one of the major hiccups a seller would face and one that can be rectified only with the right tools.

  • Quality Data

Maintaining consistent, quality data for products across various channels while working with suppliers can be a tedious task. There are possibilities of having grammatical errors and missing critical information like descriptions or attributes. Since excel isn’t the best tool to use for catalog management, your employees will have to do all the mass updates and changes, which can easily lead to human error.

  • Merchandising

To provide customers with accurate, high-quality product information, merchants will have to spend a lot of time merchandising. It will be a big challenge for merchants working with a number of suppliers. Investing in resources to help manage your product data will help you overcome any merchandising problems.

To overcome these common hurdles, you need a good team to take care of all your catalog management services. If you’re looking for someone to hand over this service to, we at Infognana have a dedicated team for different online retail services like catalog management and more. For more information on our services, contact us today or have a look at our website: