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Common SEO Pitfalls to Avoid

Digital marketing over the years has seen a lot of changes. Whether social media, SEO or content creation, digital marketing right now is one of the strongest marketing tools for any company. When we talk about digital marketing, SEO is one of the vital aspects of it. It is on the top of the list of most marketers to bring more traffic to your company and direct them towards your sales funnel.

When implementing SEO strategies, it is important to stay on top of the successful optimization techniques and not commit certain mistakes that can be easily avoided. If this happens then instead of gaining traffic and increasing conversion rates, the results will be quite the opposite.

Some common SEO mistakes are pretty difficult to avoid as there is no way to verify methods in real-time since search engines’ rules are changing and are becoming tough to interpret.

Though there is constant change in SEO, there are some practices proving to be effective in the long run. Here are some common SEO mistakes that must be avoided for a business:

  • Selecting Wrong Keywords

Using SEO strategies to optimize your website is all about having the right keywords so that your website rank will be high. Many people do not realize that the words potential customers use will differ from the words you define your product or service with. Sometimes the words you use may be correct but will mean a different thing to other people. Thus, you will be optimizing for all the wrong keywords. It is advised to do a bit of background research before you start the optimization. Tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends and Moz Keyword Explorer can help you figure out the trending and adequate keywords.

  • Creating Content Not Specific To Your Keywords

When you create content that is not actually about your keywords, your content will not have a high rank as you fail to focus the text on your target topic. If you create content that consists of different topics within one piece of content just to include keywords, it will not rank well. Every content produced must be relevant to the people’s needs and include the right search terms so that search engines can trace your content according to the keywords you are optimizing for.

  • Keyword Stuffing

Many people are of the idea that using more keywords in one sentence will boost their ratings. This is just a myth. When you go overboard with your keywords, search engines are likely to label your content as spam which will have a negative impact on your SEO performance. Keyword stuffing is very crucial for your SEO success and if done it will make your content useless for its audience.

  • Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Apart from inserting keywords into your content, adding title tags and meta descriptions will help search engines to improve the performance of your content when crawling your website. Including image tags will also help boost your content as search bots cannot see pictures, but can read these alt tags. So, skipping these tags and descriptions can play a vital role in the ranking of your content.  

  • External & Internal Links

Adding quality external links that link back to relevant, well-ranking websites and not just any other website to your content is a good way to bring traffic in the future. Using anchor texts like “click here” is a waste of SEO opportunities which can be used in another way. If you keep using the same text over and over again, the content will be seen as spam. Inserting internal links to pages that are top-performing is a good idea, but when you add them just for the sake of adding these links to your content it will look unnatural and sometimes search engines can take it as fraudulent practice.  

These mistakes are very common in SEO practices and it is better to educate yourself and understand how SEO works before you begin as Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of content marketing.

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