Personal Virtual Assistants

Competitive Skills Required for a Versatile Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who not only helps with admin or support for a business, but also manages and communicates with the business to provide any other assistance apart from the usual clerical work.  Here are some skills any VA must have to be good and efficient in his work:

The most important skill a VA must have is reliability. A good VA must not let down their clients or be flaky with their work. Not reporting back with the progress of their work or simply not delivering it is unacceptable for a VA. Professionalism is of great importance in this industry so if a client leaves a message or calls, it is only right to reply to the message or return the call on the same day at least.

2. Time-management
A VA not only works on the task at hand, but also works with multiple clients making them excellent multi-taskers. Planning ahead  is key as there will be numerous things to do from different clients. Leaving time for unplanned things and scheduling tasks for when you are most efficient will help manage your time effectively.

3. Resourcefulness
Research on different aspects relating to what the client needs will improve your skills as a VA rather than going back to the client for every small thing when you can find the answer on the Internet. Being a VA includes doing a lot of things that you may not be very well versed in. It is the ability to find the right solution of a problem for any client that makes you an expert VA.

4. Effective Communication
It is imperative for every VA to have good communication skills and there is always room for improvement. For a successful VA to have good communication skills, listening is important to improve your ability to communicate. It makes it easier to understand the needs of your clients better.

These are a few qualities that every versatile virtual assistant must have. If you are looking to hire a VA for you or your business, we at Infognana Solutions can provide you with executives who will accelerate your business growth rate and also give your business the right exposure it requires.