Infognana’s content intelligence service offering utilizes advanced technology to analyze and optimize your content. With data-driven insights, we enable you to understand audience preferences, enhance engagement, and drive conversions. Our service combines the power of natural language processing and machine learning to provide actionable recommendations for improving content quality, relevance, and performance. Gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape by leveraging our content intelligence service and unlock the full potential of your digital content. Experience the transformative impact of data-driven content optimization with Infognana.

Spec Universe

Infognana’s Spec Universe service focuses on developing standardized specifications at the category level for universal adoption. Through extensive market research on attributes defined within specific categories across retailers and marketplaces, we enable businesses to establish consistent and harmonized specifications. This streamlined approach improves operations, enhances efficiency, and promotes industry-wide cohesion. Leverage our Spec Universe service to establish a unified standard and unlock the benefits of standardized specifications in your industry. Drive operational excellence and industry-wide alignment with Infognana.

Auto Attribution

Infognana’s auto attribution service simplifies the selling process across multiple marketplaces by eliminating the need to create catalogs repeatedly. With our advanced auto-bot technology, we can generate multiple templates using your existing product information. This streamlined approach saves time, ensures consistency, and simplifies product attribution across various marketplaces. Experience the efficiency and convenience of our auto attribution service, and optimize your selling process with ease. Trust Infognana to enhance your marketplace presence and maximize your selling potential. 

Delivery Date/Slot Suggestion

Infognana’s analytic services assist retailers and marketplaces in optimizing their delivery dates and slots by offering insights into their competitors’ delivery patterns. This valuable information helps enhance customer retention through efficient and timely deliveries. With our services, you can improve your delivery operations, meet customer expectations, and strengthen your competitive edge in the market. Experience the benefits of Infognana’s analytics services for effective and swift deliveries. 

Evidence Capture

Infognana’s evidence capturing service supports retailers by capturing screenshots of sponsored ads, providing them with valuable evidence that they have displayed the ads as agreed upon. This documentation helps establish transparency and credibility, ensuring that retailers fulfill their commitments and maintain a trustworthy relationship with their partners. Infognana’s automated solution of evidence capturing helps to validate your advertising efforts accurately in large scale with less effort. 

Tech Enabled Content Solutions

Experience the future of content creation with Infognana’s tech-enabled solutions. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, we offer innovative content solutions that streamline processes, enhance quality, and drive engagement. From AI-powered writing assistants to content optimization tools, empower your brand with Infognana’s tech-enabled content solutions and stay ahead in the digital landscape.