Social Media Virtual Assistant

Enhance your online presence with a social media virtual assistant

The coronavirus pandemic has collapsed many businesses globally as the lockdown rule was imposed. Both companies and customers have reduced their expenses and transport due to lockdown.

A few companies have even closed down as they weren’t able to run their business remotely. They are not sufficiently equipped with the technology to provide work from home options to their employees. 

A Virtual assistant can offer high-quality remote service during the pandemic situation and is about three times cheaper than a full-time employee. A virtual assistant service can help you save up to 80% on operating costs per year. Initially, only 20-25% of virtual assistants were available but factors like flexible work hours, convenient work environments, and breaks with decent pay made a big difference. Gradually, the percentage of VA increased and reached 80% within the year 2005. Furthermore, “The Intuit 2020’ report forecasts another 40% increase in virtual assistant work by 2020.

Reasons why you need a virtual assistant

  • You could reduce much on rent for workspace, the internet and work machines like computers or laptops
  • You can hire virtual assistance only when there is a need for a service while a full-time employee is paid even for the off-season.
  • It is possible to save the money spent on the recruitment and training process.

Virtual Assistants can help in various services like office administration, data storage, and social media marketing. As the business world is more reliant on digital presence, it is highly important to handle your social media demands. It is also necessary to be creative and engaging. 

A Social media virtual assistant is a remote worker who will help manage and conquer a place in social media. Building a strong social media presence will bring more inbound leads. These virtual assistants will use effective strategies to create a strong online presence and increase popularity.

How will a social media virtual assistant help your business?

Your virtual assistant will help you to create, manage, plan, and share the social posts to attract and address your target audience. This will increase your business efficiency. Hiring a virtual assistant for maintaining your social media presence will help you in the following ways,

  1. To create a strong social media strategy.
  2. To create and share social media content. 
  3. To increase your social media presence.
  4. To keep track of social media engagements through comments and messages and promptly respond to them

Attracting targeted customers along with other million audiences is tedious. Running a social media campaign can help greatly in achieving this. Creating and running social media campaigns is important but keeping track of engagements in the posts is more crucial. Experienced VAs will stay connected to answer the questions that the audience wants to ask you. 

If you want to keep your business busy and productive, digital marketing is a key tool. Infognana solutions have expert virtual assistant teams who could help your business stay efficient and productive. They will work in unison with the clients and help manage your standards. This will not only strengthen your social media presence but also help your business progress.