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How Should You Follow Up With Your Clients using a Virtual Assistant?

Marketing is the backbone of any business. Without proper strategy, a company can’t grow at an anticipated rate. It is not only important to find new clients in this competitive scenario but you also need to maintain good relations with the existing ones.

Whether they were associated with you for a short-term or long-term project, it is imperative to take follow-ups as a marketing strategy. The former clients can be your asset if you leverage them well. You can keep in touch through a birthday card or wish them during festive season through virtual assistant services. Constant communication will keep your services on the forefront in their minds and they will prefer to contact you for future projects. Here’s how:

Try Small Initiatives:

People will feel more connected to your business when you add a personal touch to your communications. You can do tiny things that can have great impact on your client’s satisfaction. They will appreciate your efforts if you send them a handwritten note, an instant email related to their niche, a brilliant software link, a card mail, etc. It will mean a lot for them if you do undertake these efforts in an authentic manner to convey the message that they mean a lot to your company. Hire a virtual assistant to do this for you.

Score with Referrals:

Mouth to mouth publicity works brilliantly in today’s scenario as well. Your old clients, even a short-term project client, can provide referrals and become a great source to add new clients. You must inform them about your latest services. Also, you can offer them incentives for referrals and prefer giving them an extra comfort in their work for their good gestures.

Stay in Client’s Mind:

It is important to make lasting impressions on your clients. Despite your flawless services, clients tend to forget vendors who are not in their contact. In this regard, you can start an initiative to provide periodic information regarding your efforts stating what you are doing. You must share your achievements and congratulate them on their achievements when they cross any milestones. In such manner, you will remain in their minds and whenever they think of any project, you will be the first person they’ll contact if it involves the work that you do.

Proactive Communications:

Everyone has a hectic schedule including your clients. Sometimes, they want to contact you for a new project but due to their busy schedule and other priorities, it may get skipped from their mind. Instead of waiting for their communication, you should reach out to them and follow them proactively. They have all the plans at the back of their mind and will reveal the details if you stay in contact. You can dedicate 15 minutes in a week or monthly to communicate with the clients and contact them over phone for their needs and services.

Don’t Overdo It:

You should never overdo the messaging or emailing and show your desperation like most of the email marketers do. Your situation is completely different than marketing agencies. If you bother your existing or regular clients with daily messages or emails, they will tune you off. They will not give importance to your mails and will delete them without reading. Also, they will not contact you for their new projects due to this frustrating past experience. Here, you should treat short-term project clients differently from the long-term project clients.

Make a strategy to follow your clients at regular intervals. You should plan to contact the prospects weekly and past clients in one or two months. With a proper follow-up, you’ll not only regain but also make new clients. In this regard, you can avail the virtual assistant services of Infognana. We offer specialized services that meet your requirements.