Google AMP

Google AMP and Its Implications on E-Commerce

What is Google AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and as the name suggests, this is the latest technology which enhances the speed with which an internet page loads on a mobile device. This Google project is an open source initiative which works on the principle of creating the mobile optimized content for once by the publishers and thereafter facilitates its instant loading everywhere.

Slow loading of pages in this fast paced technology stricken world can be a frustrating affair and with Google AMP, this problem is rendered as a solution which has offered a better mobile experience to all the smart phone users.

How does Google AMP affect the retail world?

With the advent of this new technology, obviously there is an urgent need amongst the competitors in the commercial arena to adapt themselves to the latest standards as it offered a huge sales incentive. AMP has progressed to form an incredibly important part of the marketing automation strategy for its publishers and the credit goes to the close ties Google enjoys with search engine results and advertising impression rates. As a new technology which successfully establishes itself and demands attention, Google AMP is hard to ignore phenomenon. The world is adjusting to this need and for retail world this very much means business. Naturally a fast loading page will offer more in a given time and provide a particular site an edge over a non AMP page. This feature has a direct impact on improving the conversion rate and when the feature is backed by Google, changing to AMP becomes more than just a need.

What are the implications on e-commerce?

AMP has a direct impact on e-commerce as it offers a better mobile experience. With the world moving to smart phones, the online purchases and transactions has been witnessing a constant increase. Having an AMP enabled website gives an e-commerce site a better ranking on the search engine results. Their pages are likely to open faster on the social media platforms like facebook and twitter also. The war in this arena was given the initial push by e-bay announcing introduction of around 8 million AMP enabled pages which instantly pepped up its clientele and made other players in the market think about this big boom called AMP. Adaptation to the technology has signaled increased traffic and an exponential growth in the returns in terms of profit as it showed a significant increase in the viewership and conversion rate.

Although it is still a nascent stage for the technology, but definitely it promises a better mobile experience and thus has reflected a shift in the users to AMP enabled pages. So if you are still hesitant, Infognana along with the AMP project offers a handy list of best practices to aid the developers and assist in the big shift. Working with Infognana you can be sure of working with best in practice technologies and taking a bigger leap.