Virtual Assistant

Some Handy tips on how Virtual Assistant Services help Boost your Business

Engaging the services of a Virtual Assistant helps save precious hours and your valuable time which can be spent on your core competencies. However, you need to be able to decide which tasks need to be deployed; it doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a well settled business. Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant may still be a new concept with some, but there are several businesses that have benefited immensely from such a professional service provider.

The advantage with hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you can find one that suits you best, who also has multiple skills that you may not be able to find in a single full-time employee. A Virtual Assistant can be a great asset, whether it is for calling up your vendor or taking inbound customer service calls, they never make the person they are dealing with feel uncomfortable. Some Virtual Assistant Services specialize in shooting out thank you notes, and always make sure not a single person is left out, however exhaustive the list can be. Here are some special tasks that you can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant:


Virtual Assistants make great bookkeepers because they are masters in keeping a tab on your bills and are adept at several other nitty-gritties of bookkeeping that can be perfected only through rich experience. There are many small and medium businesses that prefer to outsource their bookkeeping tasks to Virtual Assistants who know how to follow up on invoices that are due, and also monitor unpaid bills. Some degree of trust is required as you may have to share sensitive information with the person you are dealing with.

Internet Research:

Internet or online research is another area that is worth delegating to experienced Virtual Assistants who are great at researching and mining the required information, browsing hundreds of websites, tracking new products. The trick lies in giving precise instructions, considering the Internet being a vast ocean, nobody wants Virtual Assistants going on wild goose chases and wasting precious time and hard earned money. Virtual Assistants typically help with finding blog topics, proofread content, with some being qualified enough to serve as editors as well.

Data Entry:

Data entry is probably the most common type of work that is outsourced to Virtual Assistants and they have the wherewithal to process huge quantities of data skillfully. Right from simple tasks like collating and storing business cards to updating outdated contact information, Virtual Assistants prove to be handy at some tasks that may otherwise be tedious and monotonous. Experienced Virtual Assistants can work with almost zero error occurrences, thus helping maintain high quality levels.

Managing Emails:

No business, whether small, medium or large can hope to thrive without being able to manage emails efficiently. This time-consuming task is best outsourced to Virtual Assistants who are trained to filter the important emails and reply to them individually with relevant information that answers the hundreds of queries that come via emails every day. Of course, proper guidance needs to be given before hand to ensure the right reply goes to the right recipient.

Social Media:

The social media has become an important aspect for branding and marketing online today. Virtual Assistant Services come in very handy for promoting a company on the social media and help divert traffic that gets converted into fruitful business. Virtual Assistants are good for participating in forums and are great at joining threads and answering questions interestingly and helping with the presence of a company’s image online. To learn about specific Virtual Assistant services check out what Infognana has to offer you.