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How can product content boost your online sales?

Is your online store ready to kick off for the upcoming Holiday season sales? Running an online business in the holiday season is the most vibrant and hectic time of the year. When it comes to online shopping there is so much to consider. Out of which, Product content is the bedrock of high sales.

Here are few tips to perk up the Product content for successful selling:

Brush-up with the existing product content

First you need to do an analysis by taking a list of your products which perform less than expected. And documenting those listings will aid you to find the change in percentage of sales after content enhancement including a myriad of enhancers like right product content, appealing and apt product descriptions, images, user guide, FAQ, ratings and reviews of each product. All these play a crucial role in customers’ buying behavior and help in conversion.

Do keyword research and Content enrichment

Find out what worked well and what doesn’t based on your product performance in the past. Check those keywords and search queries that lead the way for your online store and give a clear depiction about what your shoppers are looking for. Also people may use different set of words in an unstructured way to check the items they want. So, you need to research and use lot of result oriented permutation and combination variations in keywords to enrich the content.

a. Basic Product title format:
[Brand Name] + [Model No] + [Series] + [Key Attributes (Storage, Color & Connectivity)]
E.g. Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Space Grey, 64 GB,4G TD-LTE)

b. Title tag:
E.g. <title>Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Space Grey, 64 GB) Online at Best Price with Great Offers Only On</title>

c. Meta descriptions:
Short description about a product under title tag which will appear on search engine page.
E.g. <meta name=”Description” content=”Buy Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Space Gray, 64 GB) online at best price with offers in India. Apple iPhone 8 Plus features and specifications include 0 GB RAM,  64 GB ROM, mAh battery, 12 MP back camera and 7 MP front camera. Compare iPhone 8 Plus by price and performance to shop at”/>

d. Product URL format:
[website name]+[brand-name-model No- series-storage-color-connectivity]+[product id]
E.g. apple-iphone-8-plus-space-grey-64-gb /dp/B0714DP3BG, in which website name, item, and product id is mandatory.

e. Product descriptions:
For each product, Content should be based on at least three to five SEO friendly keywords. Get new keyword ideas relevant to your product with the aid of Google Ad words. Avoid brief and boring descriptions. Provide your potential buyers with key benefits and real time experience.

f. Add High quality images and videos:
Small and blurry images impact the perception of a product and decrease conversion rate. “A picture is worth than 1000 words,” so images are much more important than descriptions & customer reviews. A simple and white background image with alternate views and zoom feature will give a professional and consistent look. You can even go for more realistic 3D image for excellent customer buying experience. If budget permits, you can add a video which explains the product better.

            White background image                                                                               Product with real time visuals
White Background - Image Product with real time visuals

g. Customer Reviews& Ratings, FAQ:

Most of the consumers will make a purchase only after checking reviews, mix of positive and negative reviews show different customers opinion which is helpful for business and conversions too. Always ask for ratings & reviews post-purchase of a product via email and messages by offering some discounts. Take time to respond to each review and show that you care for them. In FAQ section, address common questions or concerns publicly the customers may or might have.

Once you are done with product content enrichment by following the given tips, start tracking the conversion metrics like new visitors, return visitors, number of views, their interaction time, exit page rates and conversion rates etc. This will help you to interpret how few tweaks on product content can have a special online shopping experience and greater business impact than before!!.

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