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How Content Intelligence Enhances Customer Experience

Content Intelligence is a marketing strategy that employs the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create more managed and high-quality content with the help of relevant data. Content intelligence comprises various techniques to improve content quality and value, including content audits, channel optimization, social listening, competition intelligence, etc. Combined with customer engagement planning, this content approach offers a smooth customized customer experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used in content intelligence to make it more manageable, enhance its quality, and improve its performance. When integrated into a centralized customer communications management (CCM) platform, these sophisticated features could automate and simplify optimizing and managing complex customer communications. Content intelligence is used in the following areas:

Integrating related and redundant content.

A Content Intelligence platform can evaluate your vast library of existing customer messages and consolidate redundant content. It increases efficiency in modifying and managing communications and consistent quality in messaging. Manually doing this is highly resource and time expensive and may be prone to errors.

Ensure consistency and adherence to brand guidelines.

AI can detect content elements incompatible with an organization’s brand requirements, ensuring consistency across all communications and platforms.

Communicating with clients at their reading level.

It is crucial to ensure that messages are at the right reading level when dealing with the customers. Also, using analytics to analyze every message’s reading comprehension level automatically. Informing when you are out of sync with the intended readability profile can also be obtained using content intelligence.

Appropriate channel and time:

Most marketers encounter issues determining which content goes where and when. It’s not about providing random content all the time. Still, the relevant content on the proper platform could result in a high conversion rate. Using AI to promote content offers several advantages, including evaluating the performance on multiple platforms.

Expressing a responsible mindset in every communication:

Today’s customers expect personalization. Personalized marketing techniques for customer-centric businesses are the most excellent method to show clients that they care about their requirements and preferences. Curating content to assist clients at various phases of their purchasing journey is an added advantage. The advantage of using content intelligence is that you can track the channels that are influencing your prospects and customers to conversions.


Using Content Intelligence capabilities for customer communications is an effective way to considerably improve the customer experience by allowing your company to manage and re-use content more efficiently, implement advanced personalization, and maintain brand and messaging alignment across all communications channels. Use AI as soon as possible in your customer communication procedures. Please read our blog to learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is used to curate content and its significance in digital marketing. 

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