Virtual Assistant Companies

How to Pick a Perfect Virtual Assistant

You would have undergone a lot of hardships to set up your business and run it successfully. Moreover, your attention and focus are required to continue to run your business profitably. With hardly any time left to juggle and manage all business related affairs, you would have keenly felt the need for a good Virtual Assistant (VA).

In order to pick the perfect virtual assistant, you need to first decide the tasks you want to assign to the prospective person you wish to hire. You may either seek the help of a professional virtual assistant company, which makes good sense, or look for a qualified hand on your own. There are several well-managed virtual assistant companies who will understand your requirements perfectly and come up with the right candidate suiting your needs.

Firstly the virtual assistant should be well versed in all admin matters, and needs to be great at customer service as well, so that your customers never feel the difference. The added skills include being adept at project management, throw in a smattering knowledge of web research and social media management, and you have a candidate who can almost replace you.

While you can always place a “help wanted” ad in the local newspaper or on the Internet, the most effective way of hiring a good virtual assistant is to seek the help of virtual assistant company. You will realize over a period of time that working with a virtual assistant is no different from working with a regular full-time employee. Moreover the advantage is that you do not have to pay any bonuses, suffer absenteeism, pay for benefits and you save on the office space and equipment (computer) as well.

Most of the business-level virtual assistants are skilled and are adept at writing, communication, email drafting, and basic accounting as well. You need to first decide what are the skills required in the virtual assistant you are looking for and convey the same to the virtual assistant company you have shortlisted. You need to also decide how many hours of work would be required to be put in by the VA. It is better to specify all the requirements and have them put in writing.

While there are plenty of freelance virtual assistants, there is no way of checking out their credentials. Hence, your best bet is to go to virtual assistant companies that are professional and have good resources.