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How to Properly Backup Your Data

The amount of data that is generated nowadays is quite unbelievable. All data created, however small or large must be backed up safely and securely. This is the basic step to safeguard files. If all data is not backed up properly, you will be prey to some loss of data through corruption or natural causes or a costly, major security breach.

Types of Data backup

There are many ways through which you can backup data safely and securely. The 3 main types are as follows:

Physical Storage

Physical Storage is the commonly used method to store files back in the day. This was easy for companies who deal with a lot of paperwork and record keeping. They usually will have storage facilities at different locations to safeguard the documents. These facilities will be high-tech with climate control features and security cameras 24/7 so that there isn’t any security breach.

Cloud-based Storage

With the advancement in technology, cloud-based storage is the go-to means for backing up any data for most companies nowadays. Since most people have their data digitized, it works out the best. Cloud-based storage use encryption and two-factor authentication, which makes it extremely safe. It is also quite cost-effective since you only have to pay for the amount of digital space taken up by your files.

Backup Tapes

This type of format to backup data is mostly used by people who already have their data backed up in the format. Since it is already in tapes it will be cost-effective to just find a storage facility where they offer vaulting storage and rotation services which will be easy for you to stay up to date with all your backups.  

Guidelines to backup data

* The basic rule when it comes to storing data is to store the backups in an offsite so that you don’t have the risk of losing all at once in case of any sudden natural disaster, theft or computer virus.

* Backing up data regularly will eliminate the risk of losing data all at once. Suppose the data is backed up only once a year, then in any unforeseen circumstance there are chances you will lose the year’s worth of data in one go.

* Make sure to use a format from the above three mentioned to backup your data. Since every business is different, doing some research like how often you need to have access to your backed up data will be helpful for you to make the right choice.  

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