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How to Trust Your Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant to take on some work so that you can maintain a normal work-life balance is probably the best decision you can take for yourself and for your business. But, finding the right virtual assistant who is going to be working completely remotely is a big risk to take.

You will have to entrust them with sensitive information like passwords or allowing them to handle big decisions. This can be a very big step to take but in the end it will definitely be worth the risk.

Virtual assistants are not just for big corporates, but also for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to delegate some tasks to the virtual assistants so they can concentrate more on other important business activities. Once you hire a virtual assistant you can see the active improvement in your life. Trusting a virtual assistant is the biggest and most important step in going through with hiring one.

Here are three simple ways you can utilize to have complete trust in your virtual assistant:


Communication is key between virtual assistants and clients. That is why we at Infognana Solutions make sure to regularly reach out to our clients and check in. Make sure you are in touch with a real person and are able to reach out to them whenever necessary and not all your business is done via email. Your virtual assistant must be available at any time and through whatever channel works best for you to maintain a good communication with them. A weekly call is recommended to keep a track of how things are going!  


When you are not clear with what you expect from your virtual assistant then things can go haywire and the trust will be easily broken. So, set your expectations of what your virtual assistant can and cannot do for you. The best way to choose a virtual assistant who will comply with your expectations is to select a professional who has experience in the field. The better you understand what you  need your virtual assistant to help you with, the more confident you will be once you start delegating various tasks to them.

Utilize Available Tools

If you hire a virtual assistant and want to completely trust them, you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone. Using password managers, contract agreements and setting boundaries are a good way to build trust with your virtual assistant. If you are honest about your expectations and what they have access to, it can blossom into a successful partnership.  

With these three simple steps, you will be able to build a beautiful, trustworthy relationship with your virtual assistant. It is important to hire skilled professionals like the virtual assistant team at Infognana Solutions who have years of experience and are capable of handling various scenarios in different industries.
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