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How To Write Deal Breaking Product Descriptions

Most online store owners and ecommerce managers know that product descriptions can influence the decision of buying for any customer. You’re probably thinking do product descriptions really make such a big deal? Let me tell you, they absolutely do! People tend to be drawn towards certain words when shopping online.

A poor product description may turn away a potential customer from a sale. If you feel your product descriptions are not of the best quality, it’s never too late. With these few easy ways listed below, you can turn those product descriptions into good ones.

  • Make it SEO friendly

Using keywords in your product descriptions to sell customers is a good approach. Experts say there is some anecdotal evidence that placing keywords in your bullet points of product descriptions can increase the search rankings. But just for that doesn’t mean you should go overboard with the keywords. Having good descriptions is not just to boost your sales, but to make it easy for customers to find the product. So overloading your descriptions with keywords is just a recipe for disaster.

  • Format for Descriptions

Determine which is the best format for product descriptions as many people do not read it fully but just scan the text. Having a list of bullet points that cover the specs or features of the product is always a good idea. This way it is easy for the customer to read. But bullet points do not always work. Including a paragraph (three to four sentences) or two connecting to the customer’s emotions along with the bullet points will be a complete product description.

  • Images and Mixed Media

Apart from the usual product descriptions that contain just words, you can always switch it up. As mentioned earlier, many people only scan through the text and not read it completely. Adding images or videos of the product will definitely catch the eye of a potential customer. For many products, it is important to show than tell. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

  • Brand’s Voice

It is vital to portray your brand’s voice through the product descriptions. Is your brand very professional or casual? Do you like to use some light humor, or do you prefer to keep things more straightforward?  Also writing everything in uppercase is a big no-no for any brand. A good description of any product should sound like you.

  • Define Personas

Before writing any product description, defining personas will help cater to your audience better. If you do not know who you’re selling your products to and what they expect, you will not know what information to include or leave out in the description. Writing a product description is ultimately for the buyer who will want to know all the information about the product before buying it.

Final Thoughts

There will always be exceptions for these tips, but for the most part it will be beneficial while writing any product description. End of the day you want to provide informational descriptions for your customers. You can also use power words in your descriptions to make the products stand out from other websites.

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