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How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing?

Have you heard of the saying, “The first impression is the best impression.”? That is very true! When a customer first knows about your business or wants to contact you, the first interaction he has with you is through your website. A website is an integral aspect of any company’s marketing strategy.

Be it design or content, any website depicts your company’s online presence. A poorly designed website will only draw the customer away. One way you can add value to your website is through content. Creating genuine, suitable content will captivate a potential customer’s attention and allure them to your services. So, without a good web design, your content marketing strategy will not give you the results you’ve worked hard for. Here are a few factors that will help your web designs be of full effect:


When you start publishing content on your website, you have to make sure everyone has easy access to it. It should be well navigable so that the user can find the information they want without having to search all over the website. One way to keep your customers on your page is to have drop-down menus where possible. Otherwise in the end after all the searching they will just give up and go elsewhere.


One thing you should remember while creating a website is that no matter how many fancy terms you use, unless your design is professional and attractive, it will not make any impression on the visitors. Keeping it simple, clean and professional with not too much going on will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone.


While designing a website, the designer must consider elements like font, size and color. This will have a huge impact on the readability of the content on the website. Instead of bombarding the page with different style fonts and colors, select one for the heading and one for the body. This way, there will be no difficulty in reading the text and the visitors can get the information they need without any problem. The background color is also important as it should not clash with the text, making the user to want to leave without reading anything.


Nowadays, everyone prefers visuals over reading a paragraph or two. Be it anything informative about a product or service provided, people like images and videos to understand information better. When visuals relevant to the written content is displayed, users automatically augment the value of the website. The designer must make the website compatible with visual content so that the user can browse through it without any struggle.

Thus, bringing different elements together can make or break a website. It is up to the designer to create a website that keeps the readers on the site. All the above factors play an important role in impacting the content marketing strategies formulated. Infognana Solutions are experts in web development, content marketing and designing. We ensure all the users can access websites smoothly without any trouble. Get in touch with our professionals for more information or visit our website at: