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Importance of Charge Entry in Medical Billing

Charge entry is a vital process in the medical billing cycle. It is the process of entering important inputs and details to enable claims processing. All data that are entered should be error-free and in an approved manner.

Importance of Charge Entry

Charge entry is crucial as all patient accounts created are assigned with the right monetary value according to the coding. Even the reimbursements for any service provided by a physician will be decided by this charge entry done. The next process after charge entry is claims denial. Thus, there should not be any mistake made in the charge entries. To ensure the entries are error-free, there should be a good coordination between the charge entry team and the medical coding team.

Steps Involved in Charge Entry

There are two crucial steps in the charge entry process:

  1. Medical billing information entry: As mentioned earlier, entering the billing information of patients is very important in this process. Accurate data regarding the patient’s visit is the main concern.
  2. Assignment of Charges for medical codes: This phase of the process requires the professionals to be well versed in internationally followed and recognized medical coding systems, and have an eye for detail.

Some of the data that have to be particularly included in charge entry are admission date, date of service provided, place of service, provider details, physician, pre-authorization details and codes (procedure and diagnosis).

Charge Entry ensures practices to receive proper reimbursement. Paying attention to every detail is critical and every entry must be entered accurately. Only if this data is correct, claim submission will be approved. Infognana Solutions have been providing all Healthcare RCM services to a number of companies across the globe. Our experts have years of expertise in this field and can make sure all your entries are in order.

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