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Importance of Code Quality

To develop any good software, the quality of code plays an important role. If the quality of a code is up to the mark, you know it will be very useful, maintainable and any high-quality code can be re-developed and re-used. If the code quality is of very low standards, it will not last. Keep in mind the more hands to write one code, the more time and energy will be used.

It may seem as a good idea to cut corners in the beginning, but in the long run it will not go well. A well-structured code must follow certain language rules so it can be easily identified and understood by different browsers and developers. This way you can avoid any rework and will be more reliable. The quality of a code can be measured by the readability, consistency, reliability, maintainability and extensibility.

Why good code quality is required:

Writing good quality code is the main task while developing any software. It should not be considered as a time-consuming task, but an essential investment for the project. It is the most effective way to lower technical debt. When the code is clean and elegant, it is easy to understand, maintain and extend. Any good quality code which is highly readable and consistent is easier to review, which in turn leads to a low development effort.

How to achieve good code quality?

Here are a few basic tips to remember while writing code:

  • Adding comments on every methods, functions and logic.
  • Using proper data names and types for properties, methods, classes and variables.
  • Choose the correct coding style standard and language.
  • Having automated testing should be mandatory as it will ensure it meets requirements and correctly respond to various inputs.
  • To achieve a lower class complexity and promote code reusability and extensibility, refactoring, and selecting the right design pattern is necessary.
  • Proper casting should be done only when it is required.
  • If you write general code it can be reused.

Tools recommended to use to achieve good quality code:

Here are the 4 most commonly used tools that you can use for maintaining the proper standard code:

  1. SonarLint
  2. SonarQube
  3. StyleCop
  4. ReSharper

No matter what the development languages, frameworks, methodologies or tools, when you write a good, high quality code, you will be able to achieve faster and simpler development, testing and maintenance. When you outsource any software development services with experts like us at Infognana Solutions, our coders are capable of reducing your costs of software ownership by providing good code quality. If you are interested in our coding/development services, feel free to get in touch with our software development experts today.

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