Product Catalog Enrichment

Importance of Product Catalog Management

The world is changing and so is the eCommerce trends. Every customer demands high-quality, consistent product information before they purchase anything online. Thus, eCommerce merchants have to meet this demand if they want to stay in the race.

Catalog Management is one aspect which will enable retailers to up their game and improve business. First, you need to understand what product catalog management is. Product catalog management is the strategic process of organizing, standardizing, and publishing your product data and ensuring high quality across all sales channels.  

Let us now see why product catalog management is so important for any eCommerce retailer.

To overcome certain challenges like selling across multiple channels, updating products constantly, expanding product catalog, dealing with supplier data and keeping data quality consistent, eCommerce product catalog management helps merchants to build a good foundation for their business.

Build an Omnichannel Experience

To maintain a consistent omnichannel experience, having eCommerce catalog management allows you to manage all the content on various channels. For example, if a customer finds your product on any leading eCommerce website, he may jump over to your site to make the final purchase. Having consistent product data across all channels will give the customer a good shopping experience.

Rich and Consistent Product Information

Quality data is a must when you have your products on various channels. Product information that is consistent and fully-attributed will ensure customers have a pleasant shopping experience. There shouldn’t be short forms or spelling mistakes in any of the data, even if they are from suppliers. This will build a true omnichannel experience for your customers.

Grow your Business

It is obvious that a good product catalog management will grow your business. If you have an excellent product catalog management strategy, it will allow you to support a bigger number of products that you can get to the market faster. It will be easy for you to add more products and push them to your sales channels without any problem.

Customer Service

Product information is key when it comes to customer service. Most people would prefer to go back to the same online retailer they have previously purchased from if they have detailed product information. This data makes your products easy to search and find and ensures customers are getting exactly what they want. Good product listing is the kind of customer service people want and will come back for more to your site rather than going to a competitor.  

If you already have a product catalog management system in place, there is always room for improvement. You can manage a product catalog in excel, use a product information system (PIM), and many others. If you’re thinking of more ways to improve your business with a product catalog management, our eCommerce experts know all the tricks of the trade! Get in touch with us immediately and see results in no time.

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