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Important metrics in digital marketing for a winning strategy

Digital marketing is an art that has been perfected by some professional companies to an extent that it is now almost as accurate as any other science. Most business owners consider marketing as something that entails extra expense, without any guarantee on returns.

However, modern day professionals have proved this wrong. Here are a few important metrics that can help formulate a winning strategy.

Total number of visits:

Although your website is the main focus of customers looking for a particular product, you will be able to calculate the total number of visits when you go for a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. When you know the exact number of visits you will get a fair idea of how well the campaign is working out for you, this is the specialty of online marketing. In case there is any sudden drastic change in the number of visits, you will know where to look and how to correct it.

Number of new sessions:

Keeping track of new sessions as per the latest metric of Google Analytics enables user traffic measurement. The new sessions give you an idea about the number of new visitors and the number of repeat visitors. This way you know if your site is progressing in the right direction attracting new visitors who have been diverted from elsewhere. You can plan necessary changes if you do not notice any new visitors, and the site is somewhat static with just the existing crowd.

Bounce rate:

Bounce rate is an indication of visitors who quit as soon as they enter the website, without even spending a few minutes to explore the site. The general idea is to keep the bounce rate as low as possible. However, the truth of the matter is that bounce rate cannot be eliminated completely; the trick lies in creating a landing page that is attractive enough to encourage more retentions.

Total number of conversions:

The number of conversions you get for your site is an important metric as far as online marketing is concerned. This metric is what measures the actual profitability for all the marketing efforts as a whole. Conversions can be measured accurately depending on how technically well the site has been designed. Google Analytics lets you set a specific target and monitor the progress, thanks to the ability to measure conversions correctly.

Customer retention:

It is important to keep track of customer retention as this is the life blood for websites involved in online business. Digital marketing specializes in ways and means to measure the exact number of repeat customers who come back for a purchase. In case customer retention is below normal, it could indicate deficiency in a particular service or product, which can be rectified promptly. Based on customer retention, it is possible to arrive at the approximate return on investment (RTI), which directly reflects the profitability of an organization.

The above are a few important metrics that can be used to device a winning strategy in digital marketing service. Although there are several more such metrics, it is only a professional company like Infognana that can study your company in detail and suggest the best metrics that can be applied to develop a proper strategy.